Petrea Burchard Not to Reprise Role of Ryouko [TM!R OVA3]

ANN reports that American dub actress Petrea Burchard, best known for her role as the character Ryouko from Tenchi Muyo!, will not be a returning cast member for the release of TM!R OVA 3. Earlier, FUNimation representative Lance Heiskell had made it clear that all former cast members would reprise their respected roles except for one.

Email confirmation from Petrea Burchard:

“I appreciate your taking the time to write.

Indeed, it’s no secret that I won’t be returning as Ryoko. I feel it would be unprofessional to reveal the details of why and why not. We just weren’t able to work it out.

I loved playing the part and have enjoyed correspondence with many fans over the years.

In my experience, most actors will give their all and do their best, and I’m sure whoever plays Ryoko in the new OVA will be no exception. I hope the fans will give her a chance.

Thanks so much for writing!

Petrea Burchard”