Evangelion Live-Action Movie Sketches

The official Weta Workshop site has added a few previously unreleased concept designs for the soon-to-be Evangelion live-action film. Click link to view.

“Under Development

Weta has been designing a live-action adaptation of Neon Genesis: Evangelion. The film is on hold but it is Weta’s hope that it will enjoy getting to work on the film production of this amazing story in the near future.”

Personally I’m not looking forward to such a project. I believe the Eva series should be put to rest once for all… but, you gotta really milk that cow for all it’s worth I suppose… u_u

ANL Updates

Finally some quick updates. First, 2 news songs for the Music sections:

Tsubasa Chronicle – Loop [ED]
Kare Kano – Yume no Naka e [ED]

Next, 3 new Wallpaper:

Tsubasa Chronicle
Tsukuyomi ~ Moonphase ~
Shingetsutan Tsukihime

Also, 3 new sidebar sections:

–[Currently Watching]– (with links to Official sites!)
–[ANL NEWSFEED]– (subscribe to my feed)
–[CONTACT ME]– (comments, questions, music requests? Contact here)

… and lastly, I tend to use kanji together with my posts. So if you have Windows and cannot view these characters on your screen, you may need to download Microsoft Global IME. You can find it here:

Download Japanese IME

One more thing, I will try to update this site as much as possible (I knew what I was getting into before I got this blog started :P ). Also please note, whenever music requests are made, check your email. I usually send mp3s directly to you. On occasion I might actually upload it here on the site, but chances are you’ll receive your music requests by email. Thanks again!