Bandai Games at E3 2005

Next month’s E3 trade show will showcase some new ‘anime-based’ Bandai Games including:

The One Piece: Grand Battle fighting game for PS2 and GameCube
The One Piece side-scrolling action game for Gameboy Advance
The Zatch Bell fighting game for the GameCube
The Inuyasha: Feudal Combat fighting game for the PS2
The DICE: DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises action game for the PS2
The Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Never Ending Tomorrow action game for the PS2
The Digimon World 4 RPG for the PS2, GameCube and Xbox
The Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex FPS for the PSP

Moe and the Otaku Market

Taken from ANN:

“Derived from the verb “a plant sprouting, ” moe is an expression of adoration for innocent girls who are “as fresh as a flower bud”; can also be used to describe excitement towards an object or character.

According to a survey by Hamagin Research Institute, Ltd the market for ‘Moe’ merchandise, including printed media, visual media and games based on moe anime and manga characters surpassed 88.8 billion yen (US$840.5 million) in sales in 2003.

Hamagin divides the “moe” market into printed media, images and games. Games, primarily love simulations, are estimated to be worth 46 billion yen (52% of 88.8 billion yen) , printed media (primarily manga) worth 27.3 billion yen (31%), visual media (primarily anime, but also including other art) is worth 15.5 billion yen (17%).

With the Japanese “otaku industry” worth an estimated 290 billion yen (US$2.74 billion) in 2003, Moe related products accounted for almost a third of the otaku market.

Unmarried males in their 30s account for the majority of the moe market.”

You see I knew this trend was starting to really pick up in the Japanese ‘otaku’ market… and I’m glad it is (considering my love for the ‘moe’ genre in Anime^^ )… By the way, it’s pronounced mo-eh, not moe from the three stooges. I see the term being used more commonly now by us. But unfortunately, there’s still a misconception that follows it whenever it’s mentioned on paper, or in this case the net.

Define ‘moe’ – Simply it’s another way of saying a character is ‘kawaii’. Here’s a more complex definition of it: “A Japanese term used in connection with manga or anime to describe the ideal of youthful and innocent femininity. Written with the kanji for “to bud or sprout”, the concept covers a narrow range of ideal behaviour for youthful female characters in manga or anime. To be properly moe, a character must be eager or perky, not overly independent, and call forth a desire in the viewer to protect them and nurture them.” Now the misconception comes in where anime fans start to think that ‘moe’ is somehow connected to the term ‘rorikon’. In other words, guys/girls who are into the whole ‘moe’ genre must also be into the ‘rorikon’ lifestyle. And that is just sad. I’m sorry but there is a fine line between something that is ‘cute’ and something that is ‘sexually attractive’. To better explain, let’s take the anime ‘Ashiteruze Baby’ (an example Scott of SAA used ;P ). Now here we have a boy in high school who is somehow forced to take care of his little female cousin. You see, the girl’s mother completely abandoned her. So she’s left relying entirely on the older boy to take care of her. This forms the ‘father-daughter’ relationship. Both enjoy their time together and are filled with love and happiness. Now that’s just damn sweet you know. Now look back at the ANN article: “Unmarried males in their 30s account for the majority of the moe market” … why do you suppose this is? Simple. It’s a longing for fatherhood. For example, you take your average Japanese male in his 30’s working an exhausing job, unmarried, no children, in the end, what does he have to show for it? What purpose does he exactly serve? They’re seeing that window of fatherhood slowly fade away as they get older. So, they turn to moe comics, anime, games, etc. They yearn for becoming that father figure, taking care of an innocent little girl (like a daughter). But some people can’t seem to understand this. The narrow-minded crowd will read the article and assume that the ‘moe’ market is filled with nothing but ‘rorikon’s. Which as a moe fan is really sad to hear. Hopefully, more and more will begin to understand as the term is more widely used…

Anime Foundation ni Youkoso!

See here it is, the new layout for my Anime blog. Though I’m still working on adjusting a few items here and there… so it’s not completely finished yet. (I use Photoshop to create all the graphics by the way.) So, it’s time for me to get back to work. But first, I just want to say THANX! to all who have visited the site and hope you’ll keep coming back… Anyway, it’s time for the updates:

* New Layout

* New Wallpaper:
– Fullmetal Alchemist
– Disgaea (the game freakin’ pwns my soul)
– NeiA_7

* New Music:
– Bleach – Asterisk[OP]
– Ayashi no Ceres – Scarlet [OP]
– ZONE – Secret Base (ZONE just recently broke up in case you haven’t heard :(