CN Anime Summer Preview

According to ANN, Cartoon Network will air an hour special of the upcoming Toonami lineup for Summer/Fall 2005. Titles included “Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo“, “Naruto“, “One Piece“, “Zatch Bell“, and the Toonami’s original IGPX. The following are the dates and time the special will air, so be sure to catch it:

May 31th at 4 PM;

June 1st at 7 AM and 3 PM;

June 2nd at 7:30 PM;

June 3rd at 6 AM and 1:30 PM;

June 4th at 8 AM and

June 5th at 10 AM.

Friday Notes

I went ahead and added 3 new songs and 3 new wallpaper:

Samurai Champloo – Battlecry [OP]
Loveless – Tsuki no Curse [OP]
Loveless – Michiyuki [ED]

Unknown (I have know idea where this one comes from, but I love the artwork)
Marl Kingdom

Also, I plan to get back and do what traditional anime bloggers do best, writing anime reviews!!… But lately I’ve been falling behind in my ‘anime viewing experience,’ so don’t expect any real reviews until later next month. Anyway, enjoy the continuing media goods and late-breaking news ^_^ … I do this for you guys and hope to further this site onto another level in the near future…

T.M. Revolution Best Of… GET!

New section open: [Full Album Downloads]

Here’s all the songs I’ve included in this collection:

2 – Burnin’X’mas
4 – Madan ~der Frieschutz~
5 – Dokusai
6 – Fragile
7 – Level 4
9 – Thunderbird
10 – White Breath
11 – Navel Venus
13 – Twinkle Million Rendezvous
14 – Winter Dust
15 – Albireo
16 – BLACK OR WHITE [L.A. remix]
17 – Heart of the Sword
18 – Heso Shokujo – Venus –
19 – Zips
20 – Ignited [Promo]
21 – Wheel of Fortune
22 – Heat Capacity
23 – Meteor

T.M. Revolution Best Of [107mb]


HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR 3rd Single

The group has plans to release their 3rd single “RUN,RUN,RUN” later this summer.

“HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR will release their 3rd single on June 22nd. It is said to be a song to suit the summer season. First pressings will include a sticker. More details as they’re released
2. Hopelessness
3. RUN,RUN,RUN (Instrumental)”

A preview of the song is available for your listening pleasure:

Source: (yes, that’s the actual name)

‘Aselia the Eternal’ for the PS2…

So I was there checking out my May issue of Megami magazine minding my own business when all of a sudden, I spot an ad for ‘Aselia the Eternal’ for the PS2 on pg 110. Not only that, but I also noticed the game was released under ‘Nippon Ichi Software’. So I said to myself, “ZOMG!! A new Nippon Ichi game that I never heard of is already out!!” So I do a quick search on their Japanese site and find out the game isn’t developed by NIS. It’s just released under their name. In fact, the game was originally released for the PC by ‘Xuse’ (so yeah, it is one of those ero bishoujo games). But still it looks awesome. The character designs, the gameplay, the overall storyline, everything. Check out their site:

Eien no Aseria

Prinny Plushie?

How would you like to own your very own Prinny (Disgaea) plushie? Well you may be able to do so soon. NIS America is planning to release a set of Prinnies in the near future. They’re still deciding whether to produce an 8 inch tall plushy or a 2 foot, gigantic size one. Anyway, here is a prototype image of what they have in store:

Prinny Look!

Can’t wait to see what the final design will look like…

TMR! OVA3 US Trailer

If you happen to pick up volume 3 of ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ from FUNimation, you can see a quick trailer for the new “Tenchi Muyo! OVA 3” series. There is no narration, just music, visuals, and a few words on the screen:

A New Enemy

Some Old Friends

And a Fiancee?

Available July 5, 2005, according to the trailer.

(Although I have already stated earlier that I wasn’t too fond of this new series, I may still want to pick up the R1s just to keep my Tenchi collection updated. But even with a very disappointing series like OVA3, there’s still GXP to keep us Tenchi fans entertained! ^^ … )