Adult Swim Saturday Line-up

Starting May 28th, Adult Swim’s Saturday line-up will consist of nothing but Anime. Some titles include:

11:00 PM – Inuyasha (new episodes) (It amazes me that the number of manga chapters has already surpass the amount of Ranma chapters o_O )

11:30 PM – Samurai Champloo (From director Shinichiro Watanabe of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ fame. Nice show, but don’t let the fanboyism convince you that it will be the greatest thing ever. “zOMG! It’s from the guy who did Bebop… it HAS to be good!! >_> …)

12:00 AM – Paranoia Agent (AWESOME!! Words are meaningless. Just watch it and you’ll see what I’m talking about ^^ … from director Satoshi Kon of ‘Perfect Blue’ fame… if you haven’t seen that movie yet, shame on you!)

12:30 AM – s-CRY-ed (X-men on crack)

1:00 AM – FLCL (Sorry but ‘Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai’ > ‘Furi Kuri’)

1:30 AM – Trigun (This is one dub I actually enjoy listening to)

5:00 AM – Lupin the 3rd (I’m still in need of the 3rd season)

5:30 AM – Case Closed (Never seen the original ‘Detective Conan’ so can’t comment)

Excellent lineup AS.
Gets my approval ( ^^)b