Sidebar Updates…

A few updates for the media section including wallpaper, music, and some new weblinks:

Wallpaper Goods:

Genshiken (Ohno…she seems to really be enjoying herself)
Guilty Gear X2 (Bridget, my fav. character from the game)^^
Guilty Gear X2 (Millia Rage, ’cause she pwns all!)

Music Goods:

Aa! Megami-sama TV [ED2] – Wing (Second ending song to the TV version of Ah! My Goddess performed by Takahashi Youko, who also performed the opening themes for “Kono Minikukumo Utsukushii Sekai” (This Ugly and Beautiful World) and “Neon Genesis Evangelion” (song: Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis)

Ichigo 100% [ED] – IKE IKE! (Warning: The beat to this song sounds exactly like the Vengabus song played during those Six Flags commercials) =X

Yugioh [JP] – Passionate Duelists (From the first ‘Sound Duel’ Japanese soundtrack.)

[PSP & DS] New Guilty Gear Titles Announced!

Majesco has unveiled 2 new Guilty Gear titles:

Free Image Hosting at
-click above- (‘Guilty Gear Judgement’ for the PSP)

Free Image Hosting at
-click above- (‘Guilty Gear Dust Strikers’ for the DS)

From the looks of it, ‘Judgement’ seems to be a side-scrolling beat-em-up game, similar to Final Fight. On the other hand, ‘Dust Strikers’ seems to use more of the Isuka’s style of a 4player melee mode.

More screenshots here and here.