Anime Fall 2005 Titles

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  • How many of you remember me mentioning an idol by the name of Irie Saaya that dwellers of 2ch obsessed over for the longest time? Well, guess what. She just made her first TV appearance! [Pic 1] , [Pic 2], [Pic 3]. Anyway, the whole shock came by in a TV commercial with her group Sweet Kiss for a game by Epoch Company. (*Side note: the ad aired during the latest episode of the ever-so popular Gundam SEED Destiny anime series). “Saaya KITA–!” the 2ch fanatics would all chant as they welcomed back their lovable net idol. It also seems that Irie and her group Sweet Kiss have officially been invited to the game’s release event.

// eroge pc gaming (mature content)

  • Game: School Love~そよ風のハーモニー~
    Developer: DisAbel
    Latest Trailer: [Download]

  • New opening themes ready for download:

    > Maturi Kikaku’s Kura

    > Light’s Gunjou no Sora wo Koete

    > Tomato’s Himemusha

  • Type Moon has released a playable demo of the Fate/hollow ataraxia, (available through BitTorrent, which is surprising to say the least). If you’re not familiar with what exactly this is, then allow me to quickly explain. Fate/hollow ataraxia is a Fate/stay night “fan disc” which consists of minigames, guest artist wallpaper, and visual novel subplots… along with a few other extras.