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The best shave ever… In manual and battery power

As proposed earlier, I will now attempt to cover and explain the new changes that have recently occurred since the renewal of the site. But first…

Too much fl@sh!

Well I finally received my copy of Melty Blood:AC. Halleluia! Actually most of these items arrived last Thursday — just couldn’t find the time to take a few snapshots because of a busy work schedule. But anyway, let me try to describe just what some of these new items are:

1/8 Melisa Selafi PVC from Good Smile Company – Now if you don’t know already, she’s from UNiSONSHIFT’s Waga Mama Capriccio. I’m a huge fan of the game. In fact, I even had 3 rotating banners of her on my old theme, which you can find here, here, and here. Now if you ask me, GSC truly has the innate ability of always capturing the essence of a character while playfully — and respectfully — reinventing the form and energy given by the original resin kit. Their products, for the most part, brings a sense of delight and contentedness to the buyer — which is why I can always trust them when handling the mass production of certain figurines out there. Oh yeah, I said it.

Keroro Gunsou Character Collection 2: Full Gashapon Set from BANDAI. Found a real good deal for all 7 figures, seeing as how I won them at a local auction a few weeks back. As you can tell from the photo above, the set includes Keroro, Tamama, Giroro, Kururu (my character), Dororo, Natsumi, and Angol Moa. At 6-7 centimeters in height, these cute figurines now sit comfortably on my desk while watching me work on this here site. く~~~くっくっくっ

MELTY BLOOD ActCadenza – The Playstation port I’ve been eagerly waiting to get my hands on these past few weeks had finally arrived. However, from the moment I first tested out the game, I’ve noticed one major issue that left me pale-faced and in complete shock. There is no analog-joystick support! Am I expected to execute winning combos with the usage of the highly inflexible D-pad? For fighting games, I need to be able to manipulate the analog stick for high accuracy control and degree. Without it, I’m left getting my butt kicked by my opponent in almost every single match. Just ask any of my friends who play against me on Isuka for the PS2.

Sorry, no additional photos of my newly found collection have been sent in to the Gallery just yet. Look forward to yet another entry where I’ll have all that announced –and possibly further review other products, like my Berserk collection which I bought close to 2 months ago but never even bothered to talk about — which happens to include a cold-cast model of Casca, Berserker-armored Guts, Zodd “Apostle I” version, Skull Knight, and mini-figures of Puck, Schierke, and Isidro. Man I’m so behind… orz


Now I’d like to have your attention for a moment, if I may, and discuss some of the changes that have taken place in the recent days concerning the site. First off, I want to identify all the categories you’ll find over at the two sidebars. Starting from the top-right we have a short listing of my own personal interests. The following includes: anime, manga, figurines, music, home console gaming, j-drama, and ero games – yes that’s right, ERO games. What I’ve done here is basically let visitors get a chance to see what I’m currently watching/reading — as an attempt to maybe find out a little something more about me. I’ve noticed I hardly ever talk about myself on here. I may even be seen as a mystery to some people, wondering who exactly is the guy behind moetron… Also, this profile update that I’ve been hinting at for awhile now, is still not up yet. Why you ask? Well I’m having a hard time deciding what I should write exactly. I don’t want to reveal too much — just enough for visitors to form some idea of what I’m all about — so as to feel a sense of comfort when visiting this one fellow’s blog :3

First category: Chokotto Sister and Otogi Juushi Akazukin are two shows that I’d consider my absolute favorites of the season. If you haven’t figured out by now, I tend to have a soft-spot for cute/moé characters in anime — so much that even if the storyline was downright god awful, I’d still watch it just so I can secretly adore the designs and voices behind the character. Now I’m not saying that about the two shows I just mentioned. Lets just say there have been a few in the past that I would consider a real “guilty pleasure”.

Next up: Girlfriend, One Piece, Berserk. Three titles I couldn’t recommend enough. “Girlfriend” are a series of short stories involving romantic relationships among today’s Japanese highschoolers. Pretty self-explanatory as to why I like it so.

One Piece, well, who doesn’t know about Eiichiro Oda’s greatest told story ever printed. The effective blend of action, comedy, and drama, rolled into one — all while maintaining an imaginative atmosphere and engaging storyline. What hasn’t been said about this highly acclaimed shounen series. For me personally, One Piece is very special since I was one of the few fortunate enough to discover it before its widespread popularity — yes, even before Kaizoku_Fansubs even existed. It was all thanks to a friend who kept pressuring me into reading this one issue of Weekly Shounen Jump. I instantly fell in love with the concept and was immediately on the hunt for more material — including the anime. Back then, I didn’t have access to a high-speed connection, so no downloading raws for me. Instead I had to rely on Hong Kong bootlegs. Oh the shame! To this day I still have my original One Piece HK imports with Engrish subtitles sitting in a nearby closet :3

For Berserk I chose an image of Schierke, the cute/young witch-in-training who is now currently infatuated by Guts — which is perfectly fine in my book, except this is all from the mind of Kentaro Miura. If anything, the current events that are taking place — the whole family values and appreciation for your comrades thing — may just be the calm before the storm. I love Schierke, and if anything were to happen to her, I don’t know what I would do.

Figures wishlist includes: Amaha Masane (MILFblade), Ingrid (Capcom Fighting Jam), and Peke-tan (Mahou Shoujo Neko X). Did you know that importing this limited edition version 2 of Ingrid is going to cost me close to $100 through the use of a middle-man agent? Do I really love Ingrid that much?

Albums that have not yet left my car cd changer: Complete Best (Perfume), Momo-i Quality (Momoi Haruko), and Brain Violation (DJ Sharpnel and V.A). More hardcore, speedcore, breakcore tracks than one can handle at any given day! If you haven’t heard the new Sharpnel collection I suggest you listen now:

[audio:SOUND OF SOS.mp3]
DJ Sharpnel – Sound of S.O.S; (uses sample from Haruhi’s “Hare Hare Yukai” closing theme.)

DJ Doll’s Renaissance – Negimaniax; (uses sample from Negima! TV’s “Happy Material” opening theme.)

[audio:FOLLOW YOU.mp3]
DJ Sharpnel – Follow You; (uses sample from Haruhi’s “God Knows…”)

DJ Sharpnel – Pretty Green Onions; (uses sample from Loituma’s “Ievan Polkka”)

[audio:BLUE NOAH 2006.mp3]
DJ Sharpnel – BLUE NOAH 2006; (uses sample from Nadia’s “Blue Water” opening theme.)

The rest of the categories are as follows:

PS2 Import Games:

  • Joshikousei Game’s High!
  • MELTY BLOOD ActCadenza – (which I hope to have a review up later — just as soon as I unlock Neco Arc Chaos.)


  • Suppli – (but quite frankly, Itoh Misaki’s best role was when she played Hiroko Minagawa in the underrated comedy series, Kiken na Aneki)

Eroge 18+:

  • CooL!! and Poliani – (thank goodness for sites like Heisei Democracy and Oniichan no Ecchi — because without them I’d be totally out of the loop with what’s out there in the ero-side of the industry.)

Onward to the other side…


Our current Featured Idol seems to be Louis of Zero no Tsukaima. No surprise there. Wonder who will be our next crowd pleaser.

注目のアイテム: Pay attention to this here, as it will at times feature an item that will definitely need to be seen ASAP — limited quantity, pre-order sellout status, etc.

Look at that, I’ve added links to all my news resources, including a few nifty Japanese ones. No ANN or ANS found here — pretty obvious why. I also have my favorite online shopping sites displayed, including Akibado. If you don’t know who they are, I suggest you check them out when you can.

Anytime you see the number 18+ on here, you know already that it’s most likely NSFW. Which brings me to our next category:

興味のサイト 18+ Guess I should try to explain… Personally, I’m an admirer of various Japanese artists. In fact I have a collection of most of their works stored safely from harm’s way. A few I could name just from the top of my head would be: Poyoyon Rokku, Harada Takehito, Barasui, Yui Haga, Wanyan Aguda, Ujiie Moku, Mizui Kaou, etc. But the one thing that I notice everytime I stop by their personal blogs, is that they have the cutest/loli-ish exchange banners ever! So I thought, why not use some of their banners right here on my site. I think it would fit just perfectly with the theme we got going here. And a link would be provided naturally — sounds simple enough… So there is how that idea got started. Now if loli isn’t your cup of tea, then by all means, DON’T click on those links — do not be deceived by the innocence of their faces! Maybe I should’ve gave a warning earlier.


Now comes the part where I have to play the bearer of bad news. Requests, Music Rotation, Radioblog, Wallpaper, have all vanished from existence. Why you ask? Let me explain as best as I can:

Let me first start with a little something called hotlinking. The issue wasn’t so much a problem in the past. But now that I’ve attracted more attention than ever before — thanks to the good people at Anime Nano and Animeblogger — the site has been dangerously close to bandwith overage. Last thing I need in life is to worry about another bill. A bill that just going to laugh in my face, making me look like a fool for hosting music off my own server. But that’s not the worst of it…

There have been a few black sheep out there who have continuously broken the rules of the Request section. I tried being patient with them, but my patience only has a certain limit. “One song per request”. They want the entire soundtrack. “Please identify the name of the artist or series when requesting.” They just write the name of the song, expecting us to do all the work for them — sometimes not even posting a simple thank you for all our efforts. But that’s not the real major reason as to why I’ve chosen to close this feature…

Ominous Kirby. Ominous who? Ominous Kirby was my connection to everything music. She had access to all kinds of BT sites and IRC channels where one can locate just about any song you so desire. Unfortunately, she can no longer help out since she’s now off to Nursing school – we wish her all the best. Plus there’s NO way I’m going to handle music requests on my own. Forget it. The minute this blogging thing starts to feel like work and less like fun is where I call it quits. But I’m not going to leave the rest of you just hanging out there in disappointment. Below are a list of trusty webpages where you might be able to find that one track you’re looking for:

To be honest, those are not all our sources. There’s a variety of Chinese BT sites she had bookmarked as well. But only a handful of members are allowed to join in. Not even I have access to these!

Now if she were to ever come back, or if I’m lucky enough to find a replacement with the same connections as her, I can easily bring the Request side back no questions asked. However, the songs will have to be hosted on a 3rd party server — like Rapidshare or Megaupload. Please note, this doesn’t mean the end of multimedia freebies on the site. As you can clearly see near the header, the “media” button is still there. I will, every now and then, share music or videos with everyone within my weekly entries. PV’s anyone? So you’ll have to keep a close eye out for that.

Uh-oh! Here comes one now:

(*Note – Wallpaper and the Radioblog may make a comeback. No official decision yet.)

(*Note 2 – From what I understand, AD36, the other female member we have here is offering to translate some Japanese lyrics for us. More on that later.)

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  1. OMG Shierke, easily one of my favorite characters. Girlfriend is good stuff, another I kinda follow that it seems few have heard of is School of Water Buisiness. My Flonne figure just showed up, took like 30 some days…mostly because i had the wrong zip, rofl, too bad shes quite a bit shorter than the Max Factory Etna figure. I have Disgaea 2 reserved, need to go pick it up when I have the chance >

  2. OMG Shierke, easily one of my favorite characters. Girlfriend is good stuff, another I kinda follow that it seems few have heard of is School of Water Buisiness. My Flonne figure just showed up, took like 30 some days…mostly because i had the wrong zip, rofl, too bad shes quite a bit shorter than the Max Factory Etna figure. I have Disgaea 2 reserved, need to go pick it up when I have the chance >

  3. Anoynmous approves of this new layout. The old one was nice, but this one is more easy to my eyes.

  4. Anoynmous approves of this new layout. The old one was nice, but this one is more easy to my eyes.

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