Fate/Zero Pre-Site Opening

A new TYPE-MOON/Nitroplus novel collaboration project will be made available at Comiket 71 on December 29. The title of the new work is known as “Fate/Zero.” Unlike the Fate/hollow ataraxia fandisk released last year, this new series will be part of the canon storyline (4th Holy Grail War), considering it takes place 10 years before the main events of Fate/stay night. As for the silhouettes depicted in the promo flash, they are believed to be Saber in a suit, Kiritsugu, Gilgamesh, Kotomine, and a female who many people speculate as being Ilya’s mother. More details are expected at a later date.

Soul Cradle – Cameo Appearances

*Special thanks to charmwitch for the update

Nippon Ichi Software’s next project titled “Soul Cradle: Sekai wo Kurau Mono” will be released on January 25th, 2007 for the PS2. When the new game was revealed, it was clear that toi8 was on hand for producing all character designs and promotional artwork. What was not clear was whether or not Takehito Harada would also be part of the staff. That however has been confirmed on his homepage as he’s been listed as a guest illustrator and monster designer.

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Nanatsuiro★Drops Anime?

No clue as to how I let this juicy piece of news get pass me, but nevertheless… Moonphase Diary reports of a big announcement concerning UNiSONSHIFT’s bishoujo eroge Nanatsuiro★Drops in the next issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine. To explain why this disclosure may in fact be an anime conversion, well in September of this year, Moonphase had the game listed in their upcoming anime list, which had Nanatsuiro fans jump in excitement. However the following week, Moonphase for some unexplained reason removed the title from that same list. Now with this new story coming out, and with there being a rumor that Studio Barcelona may be the animation studio involved, an anime adaptation is most likely.

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Breaking News: School Days TV Anime Confirmed

Info just released from the most informative source of otaku fandom, Moonphase Diary, the bishoujo eroge from 0verflow, originally released in April of ’05, is currently being adapted into a TV anime — scheduled for 2007. Now I’m sure we’re all familiar with the “School Days” series by now, and how it sets itself apart from the rest of the eroge catalog. Well in case you’re not, “School Days” takes the whole traditional visual novel setting made popular with ero media and inputs full-motion animation, which results for a completely new interactive experience with your surrounding environment. With around 20+ endings to unlock, including the infamous “bloody” ones, you’re sure to find the storyline, characters, and the emotion that is packed in with the drama that unfolds with each passing chapter a memorable adventure.

Also note, “School Days” did have an ONA release which previewed the first chapter from the original game back in 2005.