Futagohime Gyu! – Final Episode Preview

The final episode of “Gyu!” airs next weekend. The latest episode (51) ended with yet another cliffhanger of the Black Crystal King — the original source of all dark powers that once tried to threaten and destroy the Wonder Planet; as well as possess and control Bright in the first series. Though the question is, will there be a third series after this? Or is this really the end to one of the most successful modern mahou shoujo franchises out there… Bibin-sama! (;´Д`)

Powerpuff Girls Z – TAF Promo Campaign

Notice the “English” title logo above…

As you all know, this year’s “Tokyo International Anime Fair, Japan’s largest animation trade show event, is in full swing; with a variety of news reports and major announcements coming out and being covered by the most reliable sources on the net. Toei/Aniplex are also there reserving their spot for its promotional “Powerpuff Girls Z” campaign — celebrating the series’ Cartoon Network JP premiere (April 1st) and DVD releases…

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Rozen Maiden Gebetgarten (PS2) – Gameplay

Yesterday Taito released their second “Rozen Maiden” game titled “Gebetgarten” (Prayer Garden) for the PS2. Two editions were made available: regular (7140 yen) and limited (9240 yen). The limited edition copy included this exquisitely designed pocket watch displaying a silhouette of the first Rozen Maiden, Suigintou — she and Barasuishou also replace the Shinku-cover that’s seen on the regular copy. The game is a mix of both digital novel sequences and CG 3D battle — so that’s a bit of an improvement from their last “Duellwalzer” release. A Detective Kunkun OVA special is also available on the disc…

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Lucky☆Star – 24 Episodes?

The English flyer you see above was made available at the Kadokawa Pictures booth over at the Tokyo International Anime Fair — which goes on all weekend long. The flyer clearly states of a “30-minute x 24 episode” series. The fact that it is written in English may suggest that Kadokawa Pictures is aiming for a quick international license agreement — possibly have it license under the name “Kadokawa Pictures USA” while being distributed by another well-known company; as they have done in the past with “FMP! TSR”, “Haruhi”, and “The Third”… However nothing has been made official as of yet.

Source: 2ch

Lucky☆Star” begins April 8th on Chiba TV — directed by Yamamoto Hiroshi…

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