Moetron: 1 Million Hits/2-Yr Anniversary

This year Tron Bonne shall take the top honors — and why not? It was named in her behalf after all (・ε・)

On Thursday, March 29th, Moetron passed the one-million hit milestone. Yesterday, March 31st, we finally arrived at the two-year anniversary mark. There was just no way I was going to ignore this without taking the time to thank each and everyone one of you for your support. Personally, I hope that all of our visitors over the years found Moetron somewhat useful — whether it may be finding out the latest news stories, reading reviews, media samples, etc. Anyway, I’ll try to end this short since I’m on a tight schedule here… Thank you all for everything…

By the way, the artwork above was done by good friend Hetdegon; and note, that is his handwriting and not mine, hahah! — you know I’m only playing Het :V