K-ON! – Episode 04

Original artist: inumaro

第04話 「合宿!」



Obligatory swimsuit episode! Mio in a maid outfit! She’s seen with a hug pillow even! And an onsen scene to boot. Yeah, as if the anti K-ON folks didn’t have enough ammo to attack the show already. But you know, I can’t help but love how they take it so serious :3

Episode 4 had the girls off on a training camp for their music club. With the school festival approaching, it was time for the band to put more heart into practicing — plus Yui has been a member of the band for awhile now and has yet to directly participate in some of their practices. So the next day the group boarded a train and were off — where they ended up staying at one of Tsumugi’s many villas. Improving their skills as a band was the main purpose for such a trip, however, Ritsu and Yui were more interested in playing at the beach — and who could blame them. During the first practice session, the two were too tired to play. Luckily Mio knew the right words to use to liven their spirits — like gaining weight for not drumming in awhile.

Fast forward, the girls continued to practice as was intended by Mio. Yui had greatly improved her guitar playing since the last time they heard her. But still, she had to learn a few more techniques to better improve her skills. During an open air bath, Yui enjoyed herself so much she turned around and thanked Mio for having her go on this training camp . A blushing Mio followed.

Now I ask, is it even possible to jam in anymore moe fan service into a single episode than this? I’d like to see someone try.

Looking forward to this weekend’s assortment of Nico MADs.

K-ON fever!

*Episode Four in 36-seconds:




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10 thoughts on “K-ON! – Episode 04”

  1. This just in: Guinness World Record's official tally of otaku that DAWWW'ed is still pending. Back to you in the studio, Chuck.

  2. Oh c'mon it's really cute! However, I may just be vouching for it because I really love the animation styling in this show, you don't see flowing outlines all that often. I think they pulled it off quite well. Wow I'm off topic.

  3. WOW, Did Yui just copied the riff from the old K-ON band just by hearing it once? Who's the retard now?

  4. in everywhere in this episode, whatever is only a complement of this anime, i hope see something more interesting plot and no only fan service in the next episodes…

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