K-ON! – Episode 05

Artist circle: natsukon

第05話 「顧問!」

*Weekly Yui intake:

*The rundown:

  • Ritsu discovers a photo album filled with pictures of the light music club from the past.
  • Yui tore the skin off her finger playing guitar. Mio couldn’t bare to watch. Ritsu torments her further.
  • Tsumugi shocks the group with the news of how their club has not been acknowledged as a real club. Apparently someone had forgotten to submit their application. It was Ritsu.
  • Yamanaka Sawako sensei is asked to become the club’s adviser. She declines saying she’s already an adviser for another club. Yui then notices how Sawako looks a bit like someone she saw recently — possibly from a photo album? It’s discovered that she was a former member of a previous light music group.
  • When handed a guitar, Sawako’s personality dramatically changes. Fast playing, tapping, and teeth guitar!
  • A young Sawako once confessed to a guy but was rejected simply because she wasn’t “wild” enough for him. So she drastically changed her appearance, many times in fact, but still got dumped the second time around for going a bit too far.
  • Ritsu asks her again to be their adviser. If agreed, her past life will be kept a secret. (I’m starting to like Ritsu more and more.)
  • When the group performed in front of her, Sawako noticed the lack of vocals.
  • Mio had written some lyrics, but was too embarrassed to have anyone read them. Sawako yanks it from her and reads it along with Ritsu. Their bodies begin to twitch.
  • Yui was later picked to be their singer — that was after Mio declined. However she couldn’t sing and play guitar at the same time. Sawako had to step in and help her train.
  • After their training session, Yui’s guitar playing improved immensely. But when she started singing, a hoarse voice was heard — over-practiced. It was up to the original lyricist Mio afterall.
  • The show lacks any serious yuri undertones — but not through Tsumugi’s eyes.

*Poster scans:

*Episode Five in 36-seconds:






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