K-ON! – Episode 06

Original artist: cuteg

第06話 「学園祭!」

Episode is guaranteed to leave you satisfied…


*The rundown:

  • Day of the cultural festival is here and the girls are ready to perform in front of a live audience — all except for our lead vocalist who’s having a hard time overcoming her shyness.
  • Yui and the others find Mio in the club room alone practicing really hard.
  • What’s up with Yui’s body in this scene?
  • Light music club adviser Sawako will take care of the band’s wardrobe concerns. However the choice in outfits don’t seem to sit well with Mio. But Yui (mizugi love!) and Tsumugi (nurse me!) don’t seem to mind.
  • Tsumugi is having such an easy time carrying the equipment — but not poor Yui.
  • Mio has been shy since she was a child. Could it have been Ritsu’s fault?
  • MC Ritsu has arrived!
  • Our live performance in the form of a PV! — looks much like the L’arc video to “Driver’s High.”
  • Oh c’mon! — now I’m curious about the BS-TBS widescreen broadcast.
  • Overall a great episode.
  • Next up; more loli cuteness~

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*けいおん!学園祭ライブ PV

*Episode Six in 36-seconds:





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9 thoughts on “K-ON! – Episode 06”

  1. Lol, awesome show they put on. It didn't beat Haruhi in terms of graphics and coordination, but the moe factor…well they rocked it. XD

  2. “Episode is guaranteed to leave you satisfied”
    What kind of guarantee is that, because I want the 3 hours I wasted on this series back

  3. Poor bass guitar. It sustained Mio's weight during her fall.
    They should've done better stage management. Increasing the chances of breaking of instruments is definitely a…no-no-no.

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