“Kaichou wa Maid-sama!” – Anime Adaptation

According to the October issue of Monthly LaLa, Fujiwara Hiro’s shoujo manga series 「Kaichou wa Maid-sama!」 will be receiving an anime adaptation in the near future.

*Description courtesy of Manga-Updates:

Ayuzawa Misaki is the student council president of the former all-boy school, Seika High School. In order to protect the girls, she battles the boys everyday. On the other hand, she secretly works at a “Maid Cafe”. But a popular boy from school, Usui Takumi, found out! Living in between the double identity of a Maid and a student council president~


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49 thoughts on ““Kaichou wa Maid-sama!” – Anime Adaptation”

  1. F*ck yeah i’ve been waiting for this.. (>,….,<) (“`)

    Misaki Kaichou… Moe moe kyunn… *drools*

    good news… GOooooooooooooooooooooooood nEEeeeWWWwwwssssSS i say lol

  2. Yess !!!!! This is great ! I love this manga and read it since one year now and its so rare to see a shoujo manga adapted in a anime so I am soo happy !!
    Cant wait >w<

  3. excellent! MOST excellent :D I had been hoping that it would get picked for an anime adaptation! *skips around in glee*

  4. heyy if you read this its pretty much one of the best shojos out there. and I dont think there are any animes out there with this kinda theme

    it will be exciting! trust me! :D

  5. OMG~! When I read the news in the manga, I became so excited! Does anyone know when they will start releasing it?

  6. Yippe! OMG this manga is so good it deserves to be an anime! I hope it comes out soon! :} :} :} :} :} :} :}

  7. yey! anime weeee… KYAAA… i hope its coming soon.. i sooner^^

    hope they make it sooner^^>.<:p ahha LOL… LOVE USUI-san

  8. Yippie!!!!! Can see georgeous USUI in action. Hope they will do justice to this wonderful manga…
    Go Maid-sama!!!

  9. I love love love this manga and now it's gonna be an anime! happy happy! my brother just rolled his eyes when i told him, he doesn't care for my unhealthy obsession for shojo drama ridiculousness.!

  10. thank goodness… ive been reading this for a week nd i cnt get my eyes off of it coz its damn pretty… well, i gotta watch it

  11. I do want to see an anime for this manga but I am surprised it's happened already. Figured this manga would need more chapters to reach this stage

  12. I cant wait
    I'm reading the manga
    and I see this and I'm like OMG
    I just know this will be one of my fav anime >/////<

    every tried reading it
    when i found out i screamed >.<
    Its so so so so good :) x

  14. It's really good and I can't wait to see this, they said it'd air in April, but for me nothing tops Koizora xD

  15. It's really good and I can't wait to see this, they said it'd air in April, but for me nothing tops Koizora xD

  16. I read a few chapters and i thought that man Usui is cute ( :
    i'm looking forward to the anime adaption
    & they shoud choose Dengeki dAisy too ( :

  17. I have been looking forward to this ever since I read it was turning into an Anime in the manga!! I really like the manga Mostly because of Ayuzawa always calling Usui an outer space human and shes strong plus the dumb faces Usui makes… So funny…!!! I just hope they do it justice and don't change anything… Its airing April 1st. And I guess theres 13 eps But Im going to be routing for a 2nd season if it turns out right…

  18. WAH!!! i'm really excited about this does anyone know when's the release of this? I've been waiting for it!!! ;D it's one of the best shoujo manga ever!!!! wahh!!! <3 <3 <3 doki doki!!!

  19. TOTAL AWESOMENESS yeahh!!!!!! haha.. anyways… I like the manga better. I've seen some vids of the anime buuuuutttt,,, I don't know, I think that Usui looks better in the manga. But,, yeap another but, I would also like to see the anime… :) haha I've downloaded some volumes of the manga and I think i've read each volume more than twice or thrice haha. :) smiley smiley

  20. That wasnt verry nice, instead of mean-commenting you should try to comment good things about the shoujo, have you even read it, you should it's really good . . . . . . . . .

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