“Shugo Chara Party!” – Third Season Begins October *UPDATE

Original artist: Asti

According to the October issue of Nakayoshi, a third season of Shugo Chara, entitled 「Shugo Chara Party!」, will begin October 3rd. The scan below comes from the 103rd volume of Tora Dayo.

[UPDATE 08.26.09] – Now it turns out that the new 「Shugo Chara Party!」 series will be part anime, entitled 「Shugo Chara!!! Dokki Doki」, and part live-action. A short Shugo Chara spin-off called 「Shugo Chara Pucchi Puchi!」 will also debut.

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124 thoughts on ““Shugo Chara Party!” – Third Season Begins October *UPDATE”

  1. guys… i understand you buh if they were to follow the manga plot wouldnt it be kinda short i mean i hate waitin too and all of those scenes without ikuto its sucks ok buh hey at least it wont end too fast…


  3. heh i basically agree with you, except less explicitly. Shes nevah gonna end up with Tadase, hes tooooooo perfect

  4. Hey! I am sure that Ikuto will be in Shugo Chara Party:) Because in the opening song of Shugo Chara Dokki Doki, they show a picture of him standing next to Amu, right?? And if he is in the opening song, he has to be in the anime! And besides, Ikuto loves Amu so he WILL come back to her:P At least I hope so…:)
    AMUTO 4 EVER <3<3<3

  5. Guys if they got rid of Ikuto they would be killing themselves and most of their viewers. also Ikuto is standing next to Amu in the opening as Someone:) said. Ikuto adds to the plot too. and Tadase D:< needs to stop being such a creeper!! well thats what i think. Amu GET WITH IKUTO ALREADY DAMN IT!! thats all :D

  6. I like watched the first 2 episodes of Shugo Chara Party and it was OK. Just OK for now. I just hope there would be more rimahiko and finally Nagihiko would tell amu that he was nagdesho or something! And obviously Ikuto has to come back!!!! The show won't be the same without him. I'm like the only one here who probably feels kinda sorry for tadase. I don't want him to end up with amu but hopefully someone else.

  7. Personally, i liked Tadase, but Ikuto will probably come back again anyway, so why worry? Enjoy the show before it ends and you have to start looking for something else to watch…..

  8. When i watched the first 2 episodes of Shugo Chara Party i almost felt like i was watching a lil kid show. e.o; I agree with Name that ikuto has to come back. And Nagi needs to tell Amu that he was Nadeshiko already. hopefully it will get better. and ikuto will come back soon. :(

  9. yes because i watch so many anime and it end quickly and some the end is not and ending so it better to be like this instead of poor ending.

  10. Hey again:) I have watched episode 3 today, and they really showed a picture of Ikuto! They said he was traveling around the world to find his father, and I bet Ikuto will find his father soon. And when he finds his father he will come back to Amu!! Yeey:)! I became sooo happy when i saw this episode:)

  11. Sorry my fren…..but Ikuto is not coming out in SHUGO CHARA PARTY! coz he go on a journey to find his father so he is not showing up in SHUGO CHARA PARTY!

  12. you know, I liked the first season. But then Doki came and it was like a season that was actually almost a filler. So lame. And now they come up with an half life-action shugo-chara, half filler shugo chara! Amazing how lame animes can get =.= But I read the manga is better, so I guess Im going to read that, since I want to know with whom ami ends :)

  13. I agree ikuto HAS TO COME BACK. Dont like the the shugo chara one bit. Wish they stuck to anime only instead of half anime half live. Has anyone realized that this season mostly revolves around the new girl?

  14. i just hate how now they have only like 10 minutes of the actual anime. and it also sucks that ikuto left. he was so perfect for amu and they made him leave! i've never read the manga, but i hope they end up together

  15. Ikuto wont leave 1 he's in the opening song and 2 they no how many people wont enjoy it if he's not in it i miss him though he is a legend and Yoru to :) I don't like Tadase he freaks me out a little bit i also wanna see more rima , Nagi and kukai i love thouse guys end pointless rant hehe

  16. acually they have shown ikuto he may not have been there but they show him in yoru in pix messages from yoru in the 3rd or 4th episode

  17. i still want ikuto back. i dont even watch the animes if ikuto isnt in it. So they can count me out on watching until ikuto is back in spotlight. AMUTO! WEWT! and i also agree. the should stick to the manga ploit and they didnt even make the whole scnee og ikuto and amu at the carnival with this whole sad goodbye or anything! He just says later and hes gone! UGH! this is NOT what i was hoping for in the 3rd season. I dont like tadase. he reminds me of an idiot. HES POINTLESS! I HATE TADAMU no offense to anybody who likes them,. now this could EASILY be fixed for me if ikuto was back on the show. now i suspect that he will come back toward the end of the third season but until then. im done with this show. And i know i sound like i am an ikuto freak (and i am) it just makes me SO ma dthat they just like booted him off the show. stupid anime making people. and now my rant is over.

  18. Maybe you can stop it with that ikuto?! Its anoing TADASE FOREVER!!!! I LOVE TADAMU!!!!!!!!!!! Ikuto suck If Ikuto never come back I love more then ever Sc because I hate him. And he is to older to Amu. TADAMU FOREVER!!!!

  19. I just want more Amuto moments ! D:. But I'm still going to watch it even though Ikuto won't be in it anymore.

  20. that the no ikuto what sum one do sum thing i love ikuto he is the coolest and the most hottest no don't go ikuto what is the point of watching shugo chara party if ikuto is not there no cant ikuto be back in the show at least two episodes

  21. Kewl! Amu will be in middle school and i wish ikuto will be back to be with her! If amu chooses Tadase I call dipz on Ikuto!

  22. don't worry ……i will wait till ikuto comes u cc..
    but i jus want one thing to happen this time …..amu should realize tht she loves ikuto …..till he comes back .
    i m waiting for tht only. well i think tht “shugo chara party” is out for tht purpose only . so tht staying away frm ikuto she might realize her feelings for him..kash!!! it happens like tht.
    till ikuto comes i m taking break frm shugo chara ..thanx

  23. Ikuto wuz shown, i think at ep 110, amu and tadase walkin 2gether and ikuto just send an e-mail to amu and gave her pics of him and the e-mail that he send wux him sleepin w/out a shirt!!!!! i have it on ma phone now!!! XDDD

  24. pluz i call dipz on ikuto!!!!!! finders keepers, lozers WEEPERS. so you gals just hand me the hottie or you'll get the nerdie!!!

  25. yeaahhh!!!ikuto is so perfect,hot and SEXYYYY!!!!you die tadase…AMUTO forever…hope this mangga will cont..

  26. Sorry to tell you guys this but i think the Party episodes SUCK.
    whats with all the fillers at the begining and the end?
    theyres only about 10mins of accual episode compared to the 20mins they had before.The reast is just BS.
    Personally i cant wait until the Party Eps end.

  27. okay for all the people who think ikuto is not coming back he probably will cause most people like ikuto and they most likely want to know if he finds his father so theres like a a great possibility that he will show up and hopefully amu and ikuto end up together but dont be concerned we just have to watch to see if the lovely ikuto comes back to us =]

  28. Oh so there was actually an episode in that? I watched the first min. and gave up thinking it was going to be fillers. I guess I have to skip the fillers to watch the episode.

  29. THANK YOU THIS ANIME GOT STUPID REAL FAST PEOPLE! Season 1 & 2 was great yea i wanted a season 3 just to see if my Amuto woudl happen, and b/c i was really gettign into it but its stupid and worthless and gay an i really hate it!

  30. XD in the 10th episode Amu gets a call from Ikuto,something like; Amu “Hello.”Ikuto “Bonsoir” Amu “What? Who is this?@.@” Ikuto “Always with the cold shoulder, you forgot my voice already?” Amu “….IKUTO!!?” Ikuto “Correct.Are you doing well?” Amu”sure, well..” Ikuto”Well what? Tadase dump you or something?” Amu *hit the mark* Ikuto”Seriously?” Amu”I-it seems he found a girl he likes or something…He said she was really cute.” Ikuto”I'd console you if I was there.” Amu “Huh?” Ikuto”I'd kiss you and hug you and everything else…” Amu*major blush* Ikuto*laughs*”You just blushed now, didn't you?” Amu”What are you saying you pervert!? Why did you call me anyway?!” Ikuto “Later”*hangs up and smiles* ~~~~ OMG yay! :D hurry and come back ikuto haha lotsa words sowwi ppl

  31. Okay okay yes people we all know ikuto is out searching for his dad but dont you think that he will come back like he has to or else me and hopefully a lot of people will yell at whoever does not let ikuto come back. . . seriously i swear if he does not come back imma go and make the anime how most people want it AMUTO <3 LOL okay so heres my therory he will find his dad or he will find his dad dead and if his dad is dead hed go straight to amu and amu will realize hes suffering and comfort him and something might happen to his new egg once he finds out bout his dad dead or if the story goes how he finds his dad, his dad might not want to come back but if he did there probably would be a big comotion with east and a big battle ! But We all know that deep down amu actually loves ikuto. Like if she ends up with tadase they just dont work. . . hes all like childish and annoying (sorry tadase fans) and like very uncool while on the other hand Amu is the cool and weird girl she is yeah she can be childish at times but Tadase is waaaaay to childish like grow up already and then theirs Ikuto The totally hottie and with the nice body =P (its not like i have a picture of him when he got out of the shower on my bedroom wall pft no like who would do that pffffffft) Ikuto is mature. . . okay in a perverted way but thats why we love him. and if they dont bring back Ikuto, they will loose a lot of people and think if the industy looses people they wont make another episode of shugo chara so let all root for AMUTO ALL THE WAY <3

    Oh and i am an Ikuto lover but my fav character is Utau !!!!!!!!!!

  32. Even tho ikuto is older a lot of people like older and younger people you dont have to always like a person thats the same age but if ikuto was in his 30s that would be totally wrong

    haha but if you like Tadamu its totally fine a lot of people like Amuto and a lot like Tadamu and some might not even like any so its fair

  33. OH NOES!!! it will really end at 25 eps ? PUT MORE AMUTO STUFF we love it T^T

    I'm waiting for more this week!! THEY CANT DO THIS TO US :c or at least put another season like ''Shugo Chara Nya!'' (AMUTO FTW xD)

    Pleasee *w* nyaaa
    I know that they didnt get the audience that they had on Shugo Chara and Shugo Chara Doki .. and that's why Party its ending so soon …. DAMN ….. that's because they runed Shugo Chara Party .. just put Ikuto saving Amu all the time and more romance between them and everything will be ok :D fans will love it :D and ur Shugo Chara will be a sucess again!!

    AMUTO forever and ever and ever .. nya *w*
    Gief more plz dont end i need Ikuto to liveeeeeeeeeeeeeee T^T

  34. hola
    como estan
    creo que soy la unica de méxico que escribe aqui xD :3
    bueno me encanta shugo chara party
    en especial me gusta tadase ^^


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