「Saimoe ‘09」 Group “B” Finals – Block Results

Winner: Isumi. Surprising upset. Congrats to her for advancing to the Top 8. Well I’m pretty confident Stealth Momo will beat Louise tomorrow. If not, then I’ll really begin to question people’s tastes. (Translation: how is she still popular?!) Full result details after the jump…

Group “B” Final Results

  • 1位 759票 Isumi Saginomiya @ Hayate The Combat Butler
  • 2位 737票 Kana Ikeda @ Saki


Next R4 Match-up:

*Group “C” Finals

*my pick: Stealth Momo


Saimoe ’09 Bracket:

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19 thoughts on “「Saimoe ‘09」 Group “B” Finals – Block Results”

  1. I am glad of this result because there will be a bit of variety in the Top 8. We were facing the possibility of a 75% Saki Top 8. I think Momo, Koromo and Captain have their matches in the bag. I only hope that Nagi could beat Nodocchi.

  2. yeh saki had been beaten haaaha u re the best Isumi Saginomiya yoh my friend lets celebrate the winner that beaten saki …yep yep hurray yep yep hurray……

  3. “How is she still popular?!”?

    Taiga – Rie Kugimiya
    Nagi – Rie Kugimiya
    Louise – Rie Kugimiya

    If only Shana is here…

  4. > phazeshift

    A Bloody Rager? Me? LOL… But yeah, I know this is the only fun for these people, especially if their favorites lost against Saki characters… I know, beacuse I'm the same xD

  5. (A few hours later)…just saw the ep 4 of HnG where the famous Hinagiku first appeared. You know what scrap that her being a good character comment. She's just a taller ,pink version of Nagi. >(

  6. i like louise and make me lol your comment.i think if yui would have the same popularity after a three years how louisehave now.

  7. doesn't seem like he likes HnG too much… but Louise on the other hand, I do agree that she is quite annoying after 2nd season. But knowing how Kugumiya Rie is pretty popular among people, I wouldn't be too surprised if Louise won.

    Although I do like Yui, I personally thought Hinagiku has much more character depth and appealed more to me.

    If you watch more (especially the Hina arc in 2nd Season), I think you will find her a much better character than Nagi

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