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15 thoughts on ““Black★Rock Shooter” Pilot Edition – PV and Screencaps”

  1. At first I was amazed by the animation they used for the buildings..but look at those awful clouds…its like 70-30 animation…the tiles and buildings get 70%…but the characters and clouds , lasers etc get 30% (sorry its just how i see it :/)

  2. I'm sorry for being off topic, I know this is too much to ask but do you like exchanging links? I already added you in my blog roll http://animemmorpgs.blogspot.com I hope you grant my request and be included in your sidebar… This is my way of promoting my website and I hope you don't mind by lending me a hand… Anyway a big thanks^^

  3. wow art-wise i kinda like it>>but i'm still not sure wat's the story about after reading err some blogs…the one eye on fire seems to remind me of saki though lol …sorry to saki haters out there :P

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