“Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman.” + MoetronSubs 1Yr Anniversary

Original artist: GAN

Has it really been over a year already?

Moetron-Sub project release #23 comes to us from music artist DECO*27. This song and video, entitled 「Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman.」, originally debuted on September 22nd, 2009. Many of you may already be quite familiar with his past works, such as 「Ai Kotoba」 and 「Shinkai Summit」. This artist had made a name for himself quite fast when he first entered the Vocaloid scene around October of 2008. We felt it was only right to sub one of his many hit songs. This also marked the first project where we worked alongside are newest translator damesuke. We had fun working on the song and picking out the best lyrics that kept the same puns/meanings as the original author intended. Please enjoy this latest release:

[初音ミク] キミ以上、ボク未満。 [オリジナル曲]

Video→ [Torrent], [DDL]
Song→ [here]

Song Credits:

Fansubbing Team:

  • Translation: damesuke
  • QC: pKjd
  • Timing: Starmaker
  • Typesetting: Saito-kun


Our typesetter Saito-kun, the man responsible for first starting this project, informed me recently that its been one year since the debut of our fansubbing group, Moetron-Subs. To think its been that long already since release #1. Well anyway, he wanted me to make sure that I let our visitors know that we’re celebrating a year’s worth of subbing work. Unfortunately for us, our original Moetron-Subs channel on YouTube was suspended earlier today. We did however create a new sub account called MoetronSubs1. Our latest sub releases will be found on there; as well as on my own channel, pKjd5. I’d like to also take this moment to personally thank each and every member of our staff for all the hard work and effort they put in to making this group a success.

  • j.a.b. – Our first translator to join our team. Man just how lucky were we to have found you when we did. If I recall, it was you who chose to work on “Sakura no Ame” am I right? The perfect song to sub at the time. Cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for us. Good luck with your studies!
  • damesuke – Even though we only put out one song together, I know it’ll be a real pleasure to work with you on more projects in the future. Please help us spread as much exposure to these great artists as possible.
  • soundares – The man himself! When I first heard from Jason that you were willing to help us translate some songs, I literally fell off my chair. You’ve done so much for the Vocaloid community, especially for international fans. I still remember those days when we quickly worked on ryo’s “When the First Love Ends.” That was so awesome how we got that out so fast. You rock! Best of luck to you in the future.
  • Mirunai – Hey you still owe me some matches on Hisoutensoku! I was still getting used to Sanae at the time. Anyway, you were kind enough to take the time from your busy schedule to help our group out when we needed it. Remember when we worked on “Orin’s Hell Eatery“? That was too much fun. Good times. Hope we get to do it again.
  • Yumeka – Of course I was going to mention you. You helped QC some of the songs that we had the most trouble with. Remember “Double Lariat“? You saved us big time there. Actually to this day, that song continues to remain my top favorite from Luka. Anyway, we definitely need to hang out more again. Thanks so much for putting up with me all these years, hah! You’re a true friend.
  • Starmaker – This is the guy who not only has held the position of Timer for so long, but helps maintain the irc channel and distributes our releases on both there and torrents. Truly appreciate everything you’ve done for us. How lucky are we to have such a dedicated member like you on the team.
  • Saito-kun – you who originally went with the name TsanGwanWai. Never was sure why you changed it. Well what can I say, without you this group wouldn’t even have legs to stand on. You kept the project alive at a time where I felt it was only going to be short-lived. The skill and experience you carry has been a major plus for us. And that goes for each and every one of you.
  • A playlist of all our past releases can be found below:

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13 thoughts on ““Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman.” + MoetronSubs 1Yr Anniversary”

  1. Wow, congrats on the anniversary! Moetron-Subs is such an awesome thing you started for Vocaloid fans. A great addition to your already amazing blog ^^

    Thanks for the mention! It was no problem helping you out with some translations. I'll do what I can if you need help again. And yes, we need to hang out one of these days! Just let me know when =)

  2. Congratulations!! (^o^)/
    we really need more people like u
    with out you vocaloid wont be the same! T__T


  3. My aim is to build a bridge between those watch the original Japanese Vocaloid videos and those speak English. Now Vocaloids are one of the leading Japan's sub-culture, but there still remains much for the understanding them, especially Japanese traditional affection for human-shaped objects.
    I'm very glad to have peers who share my aim.
    I also want to thank to those watch our videos and leave messages.

  4. Belated Congrats to the staff of Moetron :)

    Been following you guys for about 10 months or so now, keep up the good work!

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