Winter 2009~2010 Anime List – December/January/February

V.3 Source (Denizen)

*Note: This list will continuously be updated as more premiere dates are announced. All recent activity concerning this post will be made public on Twitter.

Last Update: [01/09]

Personally looking forward to seeing how the anime adaptation of Hanamaru Kindergarten will work out. Also interested in Ookamikakushi, Aki Sora, and of course, Dance in the Vampire Bund…

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42 thoughts on “Winter 2009~2010 Anime List – December/January/February”

  1. Oh dear… SHAFT is trying to animate two series at once again? Bakemonogatari and Zan SZS were both great, but I feel so bad for the staff…

  2. I wait for a lot of movie this winter. But my top of top is still One Piece Strong World ^^.

    Thanks, gonna post a article on my blog when I have time, I will put your link in because I'm a bit lazy to put links site again ..(and it's like copy paste so …I can pass)

  3. Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Vol. 4 (Ovas 7 and 8) on December (date not confirmed yet, but previous releases are around days 21 to 24).

  4. OMFG, there's an Aki Sora OAD??? I don't usually do ero manga, but my friend strongly recommended that one to me and I was almost in tears after the hot springs chapter. Powerful stuff.

  5. I finally found some times to do my post. –>

    However, I don't cover all anime since there are lot of them, I will surely go deeper when the final list of anime is out (thanks Chartfag :)) I'm really thankful to your post since you re-group a lot of release,ah ! I add some trailers too.

    Well, for my anime pick, I take “Dance in the vampire Bund”, “Katanagatari” and “Durarara” for the moment. But there are some with a good potential in ^^, what's your choice pKjd ?

  6. Hanamaru Kindergarten and Dance in the Vampire Bund are the two I kept up with the manga to. So obviously those two titles. The rest is just 'wait and see' =)

  7. Himari, Hidamari, HaruToki, Durarara and probably Ladies vs Butler.

    AkiSora will also get OVA version next year (not just the one with the comic book). Personally, only interested in Satsuki's episodes. :P

  8. Please make “Zero No Tsukaima season 4”.There is a lot of people that really want to watch it as much as me.

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  10. gonna watch the new Haruhi movie when the subs come out!
    also Lupin and Nonoha! i'm still debating which series to watch

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