“Super Street Fighter IV” – Gonzo Production Trailer

Original artist: eryngii@pixiv

According to the official SSFIV Japanese blog, the game will be released in the US on April 27th. The Japanese release, priced at 4990 yen (around $55 USD), will launch on April 28th, followed by Europe on the 30th. Kizaki Fuminori — of Afro Samurai fame — will direct a new 「Super Street Fighter IV」 Juri OVA, which at the moment appears to be an Xbox 360 exclusive sold only in Japan. You may check out the trailer after the jump…

External Link
OVA Trailer

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Latest PV

Sample of new alternative costumes

Still-shots from OVA

Japanese Collector’s Edition includes OST, Artbook, and DVD with all trailers from 2008 to present

PS3 Cover Art

Xbox 360 Cover Art

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8 thoughts on ““Super Street Fighter IV” – Gonzo Production Trailer”

  1. I watched the English dub of the Juri trailer and it was rough. I'm not to disappointed it is an Xbox exclusive video. All I know is that the game looks great, the release date is reasonable and out of the killer sights of March, and the box art looks sick.
    I think I might import the limited edition for the PS3 for the OST and art book. It is definitely import friendly, unless the U.S. sees some sort of a limited edition even via Capcom Store.

  2. There bring the Doll's back into the storyline, I see a real good things for Cammy White, I hope they bring back her Killer Bee Assault super, I mean they are giving everyone two supers now.

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