“Marvel vs. Capcom 3” Unveiled at Capcom Event *Confirmed

[Story Confirmed] – Which was first leaked by several sources early in the month — and what is now being reported on PlanetXbox360 and other sources — Capcom is set to formally announce another installment in the crossover fighting series, 「Marvel vs. Capcom」. Unveiled at Capcom Entertainment’s annual Captivate press event in Hawaii, 「Marvel vs. Capcom 3」 promises to be a real high-definition upgrade running at full 1080p, is disc-based, and include an extensive number of characters guaranteed to satisfy fans throughout. Screen shots and a possible trailer/teaser may be shown as early as next week.

[UPDATE 04.19.2010] — Trailer is now available here.

*Info courtesy of EventHubs:

  • Confirmed characters so far are Wolverine, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Magneto, Storm and a few others will return.
  • The Marvel vs. Capcom 3 development team said they will be blowing fans out of the water with the sheer number of characters this game includes on the disc.
  • This will be another 2D fighter — gameplay-wise — but will be something of a cross between the original Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Street Fighter 4.
  • The rumored release date is late 2010 or early 2011 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, no plans right now for other systems.
  • The game will run in 1080p resolution.
  • It will be a disc-based release.
  • Apparently the game will have unlockables again.
  • The game will be playable at this year’s E3 which is held on June 15 – 17th.


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30 thoughts on ““Marvel vs. Capcom 3” Unveiled at Capcom Event *Confirmed”

  1. So once again we will have loads of characters that are weak as hell and characters that are strong as hell…

    No fun news capcom, not fun at all.

    Great for the fans though.

  2. Sakura, Bulleta, and maybe some new fighters from Capcom-series, I'd like that.

    I'd ASK for more stuff from Marvel, but lately they seem pretty dead for new work. (Deadpool maybe?)

  3. We won't know that until we see gameplay footage and how significant the improvements are. Though, I am eager to see how the new so-called sprites. I wonder if it'll be close to TvC's?

    But the major issue, like you said, will be character balance. It's just not fun when you encounter teams with Magneto/Sentinel/Dr. Doom/etc.

  4. I´d also like a MvsC that doesn´t depend on chip damage. I see the reason for why Storm is top tier for example with her being able to fly around in the air punching and kicking, gaining Super Meters and then just unleashing them either as a combo finisher or just for chip damage…

    Which mixed with a follow up like Sentinel means a lot of preassure.

    So it would make more sense to create fewer characters but make them more balanced.

  5. pretty funny how everybody's so skeptical XD

    but i agree, if they're going to make all these characters, it is most likely going to be broken as all hell…but we'll see =P

  6. Oh fuck yeah MvC3 baby plus any more detail release. That's when I'm gonna lose it! Nah just kidding or maybe? But seriously I'm hoping Marvel & Capcom can put out some new characters that I would like to see in this next installment.

    Marvel- X-23,Dust,Surge,Nightcrawler,Archangel,Mr.Sinister,Toad,
    She-Hulk,Hawkeye,Shang-Chi,Ghost Rider,The Punisher,
    & Doppelganger

    Capcom- Ibuki,Vega,Blanka,C.Viper,Dee Jay,Alex,Jedah,Rikou,
    Donovan,Samanosuke Akechi,Dante,Tessa,Zero,
    Regina,Ingrid,Nathan Spencer,Rouge,Chris Redfield,
    Viewtiful Joe, & Akira Kazama

    Also if you fanboys don't know some of these characters please do your Marvel & Capcom research & MvC 4-Life sucka

  7. No, no, no, Seisuke. The new character list should look more like this:

    Marvel: Thor, Phoenix (Jean Grey), Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Deadpool, Daredevil, possibly Elektra, and the Fantastic Four (all of them). And I'd rather see Jubilee thrown in there than any of the New X-Men you threw in there- I mean, seriously? X-23? Like this game needs another Wolverine clone. XD

    As for Capcom: C.Viper, Juri, Dante, Lady, Jubei, Soki, Okami Amaterasu, Chris Redfield, Ada Wong, Zero, Viewtiful Joe, and maybe John Talbot. There's no need for so many MORE Street Fighter characters- that's what SFIV and SSFIV are for. :P

  8. I agree with adding Megaman X and Zero, although having Megaman and Megaman X doesn't seem likely, but Zero is a must.

  9. they should add black zero and shadow armor x, instead of megaman…and maybe characters from megaman battle network series like protoman(is like zero), or colonel, or some characters from megaman zero like harpuia or omega zero(especially this last will rock)

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