Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd – More Gameplay Videos + Song List

初音ミク アペンド」 (mega)

Another promotional video for the PSP sequel, 「Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd」, was released earlier today showing off 3 new songs and a look at the different difficulty modes. 「When the First Love Ends」 by ryo, 「Finder (DSLR remix‐re:edit)」 by kz, and 「The Singing Passion of Hatsune Miku」 by cosMo are among the new rhythm tracks ready for you to challenge. A reminder that the game is due out July 29th; [Pre-Order].

*Latest PV (07.09.10):

*Confirmed New Song List (PV Links provided):

  • PoPiPo」 by Lamaze-P (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • 「Ai Kotoba」 by DECO*27 (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • magnet」 by minato (RyuuseiP) (feat. Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka)
  • Romeo & Cinderella」 by doriko (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Sound」 by baker (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Kocchi Muite Baby」 by ryo (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • 「Meltdown」 by iroha(sasaki) (feat. Kagamine Rin)
  • 「Kyodai Shoujo」 by 40mP (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Yellow」 by kz (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Colorful x Melody」 by Team MOER (feat. Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin)
  • 「Dear」 by 19’s Sound Factory (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • 「Clover♣Club」 by Yuuyu (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • 「Just Be Friends」 by Dixie Flatline (feat. Megurine Luka)
  • 「Koiiro Byouto」 by OSTER project (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Promise」 by samfree (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Innocence」 by Kazu-P (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • VOiCE -DIVA Mix-」 by Lovely-P (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Saihate」 by Kobayashi Onyx (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Kokoro」 by Travolta (feat. Kagamine Rin)
  • Double Lariat」 by Ago-anikiP (feat. Megurine Luka)
  • 「When the First Love Ends」 by ryo (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • 「Finder (DSLR remix‐re:edit)」 by kz (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • 「The Singing Passion of Hatsune Miku」 by Storyteller (cosMo@Bousou-P) (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Change Me」 by shu-tP (feat. MEIKO)
  • Cantarella」 by KurousaP (feat. KAITO)
  • Migikata no Chou」 by NoriP (feat. Kagamine Len)
  • Gemini」 by Dixie Flatline (feat. Kagamine Rin & Len)
  • from Y to Y」 by JimmyThumbP (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Honto wa Wakatteru」 by FunakoshiP (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Hajimete no Oto」 by malo (feat. Hatsune Miku)

*Confirmed Classic Song List:

  • 「Melt」 by ryo
  • 「World is Mine」 by ryo
  • 「packaged」 by kz
  • 「Strobo Nights」 by kz
  • 「Song of Wastelands, Forests, and Magic」 by Travolta
  • 「Inochi no Uta」 by Travolta
  • 「The secret garden」 by Hata Aki
  • 「Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪」 by ika_mo
  • 「moon」 by iroha(sasaki)
  • 「Marginal」 by OSTER project
  • 「Miracle Paint」 by OSTER project
  • 「Ievan Polkka」 by Otomania
  • 「Updating Your Love List?」 by Hata Aki
  • 「Velvet Arabesque」 by Hata Aki
  • 「Hato」 by Hatano-P
  • 「Mikumiku-kin ni Gochuui♪」 by Hayaya

*Opening Game Sequence:

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  2. Didn't they said there are 30 new songs for PJD2?

    Oh and, that's definitely not the whole list.

  3. What does the message on the the “song list” on the official site say?

    Does it mean that there will be more songs, specially written for Project Diva? (I mean, I'm not familiar with all the songs, but I only know 3 so far that seem to be Pjd made…)

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