Touhou 12.8 – “The Great Fairy Wars” Announced

さんげつせいぇえい」 (谷屋楽)

According to the latest blog post from game developer ZUN, a new title in the Touhou Project doujin series was formally announced — entitled 「Touhou 12.8 ~ The Great Fairy Wars」.

The story is in relation to ZUN’s (author) and Hirasaka Makoto’s (illustrator) manga, 「Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity」. Apparently the ice fairy Cirno has declared a war against the Three Mischievous Fairies: Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire.

In the game you play as Cirno and enjoy freezing bullets that you’re suppose to dodge. Also interesting to note is that TH12.8 will feature artwork from Hirasaka Makoto. A full version of the game will be released at Comiket 78 — August 13th-15th.


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19 thoughts on “Touhou 12.8 – “The Great Fairy Wars” Announced”

  1. This is really exciting and I feel that Cirno deserves it, but it makes me wonder where Touhou 13 is. I also wonder if there will be a few new characters introduced in this.

    Also, Cirno has Mugi eyebrows.

  2. Waaaa! Wait a second! Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire, right!? Those are the three main characters in a manga made with ZUN called, “Strange and Bright Nature Deity”. You can find it at

  3. “A full version of the game will be released at Comiket 78 — August 13th-15th.”


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