「Saimoe ‘10」 “Groups C & D – Day 3” ~ Second Round Results

Winners: Nodoka and Kurimu.
(*Note: Saimoe will now take a 1-day break. Resumes 09/21)

Source: http://mig380.chez-alice.fr/up0/file/u1_003871.txt

Group C2-3 Results:

  • 1位 378票 Nodoka Haramura @ 「Saki」
  • 2位 279票 Mihoko Fukuji @ 「Saki」-
  • 3位 129票 Hajime Kunihiro @ 「Saki」


Group D2-1 Results:

  • 1位 356票 Kurimu Sakurano @ 「Seitokai No Ichizon」
  • 2位 286票 Saki Amano @ 「Kanamemo」
  • 3位 124票 Wilhelmina Carmel @ 「Shakugan no Shana S」


Next Round | Groups E & F – Day 1: (*Resumes 09/21)

*Group E2-1

  • Yuki Nagato @ 「The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya」
  • Kanade Tachibana @ 「Angel Beats!」
  • Lisa @ 「The Sacred Blacksmith」

*Group F2-2

  • Rima Mashiro @ 「Shugo Chara!」
  • Mafuyu Shiina @ 「Seitokai no Ichizon」
  • Saki Miyanaga @ 「Saki」

*my pick: Kanade and Saki
*my prediction: Kanade and Saki



  • 9/14~9/19 – Second Round (Blocks A-D)
  • 9/20 – Break
  • 9/21~9/26 – Second Round (Block E-H)
  • 9/27 – Break
  • 9/28~10/05 – Block Finals
  • 10/06~10/07 – Break
  • 10/08~10/11 – Quarterfinals
  • 10/12 – Break
  • 10/13~10/14 – Semifinals
  • 10/15 – Break
  • 10/16 – Finals


Saimoe ’10 Bracket:

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10 thoughts on “「Saimoe ‘10」 “Groups C & D – Day 3” ~ Second Round Results”

  1. Well, it appears Nodocchi apparently ranks higher than the Captain. I guess since Saki centers around the Kiyosumi team, it makes sense. Now team Saki has to unite in the next round to prevent Maria@Hayate to punch an Elite Eight ticket.
    E upper third pits one of the biggest fandom wars in battle-team Haruhi against team Angel Beats!. (I wish Jun@K-On! won her round for the heated triangular war, but as a #8 seed there, she didn’t have a chance). Yuki (Haruhi #1) has often been compared to Tenshi (Angel Beats! #1), so lots of mudslinging will occur, even though of course negative campaigning is strictly forbidden. But it won’t be much of a contest in the end. Despite Yuki being nicknamed the “Godslayer” (because she defeated Haruhi twice in 2006 and 2009, the latter of which wasn’t a victory), Team Haruhi is in a huge down year despite Yuki’s efforts in “Disappearance”, and this is the only legitimate year for Angel Beats! (they’re technically eligible next year because of unreleased DVD episodes, but the new wave of contestants will tide over the Angel Beats! crew), plus the voting results from the previous round should tip this in Tenshi’s favor.
    (The question is, is Tenshi truly a God because she’s “really an angel”?)
    Unfortunately in F middle third, even though there’s momentum from the mahjong match the previous round, Saki herself isn’t going to win because Mafuyu is the prime candidate from Seizon and high in power. I had my eye on her ever since her preliminary round result (winning over 4 Hidamari girls in the fourth group). It doesn’t look like we’ll ever have a Saki vs. Nodoka battle, and Nagi@Hayate is either to be thanked or cursed at.
    Team Haruhi has had the easiest seeding out of the shows I’ve seen (and maybe isn’t even worth listing since it’s so obvious). The upper echelon is the SOS-dan members (#1-Yuki, #2-Haruhi, #3-Mikuru), the middle group is the rest of the primary female cast (#4-Kyonsis, #5-Nyoron, #6-Ryouko), and the lower group is led by Sonou Mori and a whole bunch of unseeded people.

  2. I think Mafuyu’s win ws also due to some assassination votes. Her real draw won’t be that much. Unfortunately Saki herself doesn’t have that great a drawing power as well so its still hard to predict.

    Seizon’s prime candidate IMO is Kurimu as her series exposure and semi tsunderer and loli traits will be quite a power builder. Mafuyu only has a princess image as her power base. Her fujoshi trait is actually a repeller for most guys i suspect

    Yuki vs Kanade. I would come down on kanade’s side as the more likely winner. Both are the same character types except AB has more exposure than a movie and newness of the series is a draw. Also AB’s final episode converts Kanade from a kudere to a loli.

    Lisa would have been a contender is Seiken wasn’t so sucky. Her seiken ED is a major plus

  3. Nah, I’m not as absorbed in Saimoe as you think I am. Although I am playing along with my bracket, as well as listing all these predictions and rankings for the various major factions (and some minor ones of shows I’ve seen) past and present, in the end it’s just a popularity contest–every Saimoe is bound to produce lasting trends (like Kugimiya tsundere roles), unexpected victories/assassinations, and people declaring a certain Saimoe an ultimate failure just because their favorite characters/factions/seiyuu did not win the whole thing (example: the 07th Expansion alliance is 0 for 12 primarily because Higurashi rode into the sunset and Umineko was a big disappointment apparently). It’s inevitable and rather amusing.
    But a blog concentrating on the intricacies, theorems, and trends of Saimoes isn’t really worth it, and I don’t have much html skills anyway.
    You know what, I’ll just throw in Higurashi’s rankings anyway as a bonus: #1-Rika, #2-Rena, #3-Hanyuu, #4-Mion, #5-Satoko, #6-Shion, #7-Miyo Takano, the rest aren’t ranked. This was not a static ranking from the start; through the past 5 years, Hanyuu rose from #6 to #2 (in 2008) back down to #3 afterward, and Rika ranked below Rena and Mion before the 2007 championship. And Shion must have been cursed by the random draw as well as Hinamizawa syndrome (no wins in her 5 years, combo punched by Kuroko and Biribiri the last two). I can’t rank Umineko because I haven’t seen it yet.

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