“Issho ni Training 026 (Ofuro)” Announced

「USBでとれーにんぐ」 by (騎士二千)

According to Getchu.com, a 3rd OVA in the Issho ni Training series, entitled 「Issho ni Training 026 (Ofuro / Bath)」, will be released December 24th. This time Hinako will be teaching the viewer various exercises to do while bathing. She will also be accompanied by a new “heroine” — Hiyoko.

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“Nana to Kaoru” – OAD Announced

「ナナとカオルと館さん」 by (おさかな)

According to Earl.Box, an OAD of Amazume Ryuta’s ecchi-comedy manga series, 「Nana to Kaoru」, will be bundled with the 6th volume. It’s slated for release March 29th, 2011. In addition a live-action video is also in the works for next year — produced by vap.

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