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10 thoughts on ““Strike Witches” – Movie Announced!”

  1. Ehhh…people will actually DARE to go to the theatre for THIS ? You might as well just station a police squad at the exit.

  2. It’s not like they’ll be showing this in US theaters so I don’t see what the problem is. Japan has shown a lot more gratuitous stuff on the big screen so something like this is pretty tame.

  3. yah but the teen age population in japan is 20 times more mature then then amarican kids Hell the japananes kid watch pornos on the fucken comersials here let me say this one last thing to clear this up so i dont sound like a wirdo japanes 12 year old sees tits like in this hes like oh well / well on the other hand 12 year old amarican kid sees them and flips the fuck out that is why thay cant put it in amarican teathers and if thay do thell rip the movie to sreeds

  4. damn shadows right fucking inmature american kids i am the only one of my freinds who doesn’t flip out at the though of exposure for shame wanted to see this

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