MegaHouse – Cure Blossom & Marine 1/8 PVC (Mini-review)

シュシュッと花嫁気分でメイクアップ!」 by (inoshishi)

Over the weekend I received the latest figure releases from MegaHouse’s “Excellent Model Series” lineup — Cure Blossom and Cure Marine from the 7th Precure series, 「Heartcatch Precure」. Seeing as how passionate I am when it comes to anything Precure related, I was really anxious to get my hands on these two girls and share some photos right here on the blog.

To start things off, let’s take a look at the packages the magical girl pair arrived in. Both boxes are about average in size — around 26x16x19 cm. Everything was carefully packed inside, as with MegaHouse’s previous Precure figs. Outside you have different angle shots of the heroines in their charming attire accompanied by their supporting mascot.

Next we’re gonna take a look at the shy yet elegant Tsubomi Hanasaki’s alter ego, Cure Blossom. She is a 1/8 fixed posed PVC figure, sculpted by Norio Kibayashi, costing at around 5,700 JPY (excluding shipment).

Some photos can be found below; *please ignore the other figures seen in the background. I took these photos without caring too much about what was shown in back =P

So here’s how she looks on her stand. Beautifully detailed — even to the perfume carrier. No flaws whatsover

Close-up of Blossom. Absolutely love her Cure heroine design

Her massive pink ponytail is just exquisite. The tip is actually translucent

Now featuring her mascot partner Chypre! (Something you might notice is the lack of supporting poles compared to the prototype. I’ll get to that in a bit)

Next up is the extremely energetic Erika Kurumi’s alter ego, Cure Blossom. She is a 1/8 fixed posed PVC figure, also sculpted by Norio Kibayashi, costing at around 5,700 JPY (excluding shipment).

This figure is just stunning to say the least. The pose, the facial expression… this just captures Marine’s irresistible charm so perfectly


The tips of her bulky pale blue hair are also translucent

The only real complaint I have is how her mascot partner Coffret is covering part of her upper body more so than what promo images showed. Still, no biggie

Cure Blossom and Cure Marine together. The best Precure duo since Black and White I say :3

These were the prototypes released months ago. You see how they had so many supporting poles in the beginning? That was not cute at all!

Promotional ad from Hobby Search — where I ordered mine from

Now a few of you may be saying, “sure those supporting stands may be an eyesore, but without them the weight of the body and massive hair will eventually cause those cute magical poses to bend in one direction.” This is also something I was concerned about myself. Fortunately for me I usually keep my larger figures inside their original package and only display them when company is over. But I know that’s not the case with so many out there. Hopefully MegaHouse can find a solution with their future releases.

*PVC Info:

  • Cure Blossom & Cure Marine (Heartcatch Precure)
  • Manufactured by MegaHouse
  • Sculpted by Norio Kibayashi
  • 1/8 Scale
  • Initial release: October 2010
  • Retail price: 5,700 JPY each

If you’re interested in picking up Cure Blossom or Cure Marine, it’s not too late. You can find them both at Hobby Search for only 4,845 JPY – 15% off the regular price. [Link 1]; [Link 2]

Cure Sunshine from MegaHouse is up next~ Coming out Spring 2011

Cure Moonlight from MegaHouse also coming out Spring of next year. Now if only they’d release a Dark Precure fig my life would be complete

One last thing I’d share before I go was the news reported last week…

That’s right. Even with the high ratings — not to mention all the money this recent series has been pouring in — it looks like Heartcatch may not be receiving a second season afterall ;( Unless this new series known as Suite Precure is somehow releated — which I highly doubt. Oh well, there’s always the DX3 film to look forward to next year~!

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