Hatsune Miku Eng Ver. Facebook Campaign Reaches 39,390

おめでと!!」 by (Neena)

Last month at New York Anime Festival, a panel was held with regards to the future of Crypton’s Vocaloid series. It was there were plans of a possible English version of Hatsune Miku Vocaloid software would be under heavy consideration if there was enough demand for it. Fans would be able to display their interest in the idea by visiting Hatsune Miku’s Facebook page. If her Facebook reaches 39,390 “likes” — the number meaning “miku” and “sankyu (thank you)” — then we’ll soon be hearing the now international virtual idol sensation sing in English. That very goal has been reached today.

So the question is, what’s next? Well according to these two sources, Fujita Saki (original Hatsune Miku CV) has already been in the recording studio for sometime now working on the English project. She did study and learn English phonetics by request of Crypton. Last reported, about 1/3 of it has been completed.

2011 is looking to be an exciting year for Vocaloid fans throughout. And even if it did seem like Crypton had already made their decision for the English software prior to this campaign, you have to admire the supporters for reaching that magic number.

There may have been a number of attempts in the past to have Miku sing in English/Engrish, see sample below, but soon you’ll have access to software dedicated to producing that very task.

*2008 English sample using current software:

[UPDATE 11.18.2010] – According to this tweet from Crypton Future Media, there will be an announcement made regarding the English project later this week.

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32 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku Eng Ver. Facebook Campaign Reaches 39,390”

  1. Pretty cool. Given that the fan page only had around 10,000 fans at the time of NYAF, I figured there was no hope of it hitting 40k. I thought Crypton figured this as well and had no plans of following through, just wanted publicity for its Facebook page, but I guess I was wrong completely! Couldn’t be happier that I was.

  2. That video was just someone’s attempt at making Miku sing in English. Not the actual English voice of Miku. I’m assuming that they’ll rework her voice so that when speaking English words, it’ll flow more fluidly.

  3. I am extremely happy to read this news. I look forward to a massive influx of Miku videos on youtube. The analog generation of pop stars is on its way out. VOCALOID FOREVER

  4. i dont like LEN cause he always come closer to my love Rin!!!! Len Die!!!!!! i hope len and miku will be partner!!!if that happen i will be the happiest person ever!!!

  5. Yay!~ My Lovely Miku will be singing in English? I’m gonna be the happiest person in the world!!
    Go MIKU!!! <3 <3

  6. … Why english? Just make the system/program itself english and keep her japanese…. she’s going to be ruined because of the language switch. Plus with Append she’s pretty good at english anyway.

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