“Makai Senki Disgaea 4” – Omega Spell Anime Cameos *UPDATE

ヴァルバトーゼ」 by (なた)

According to Dengeki PlayStation Online, you’ll be finding famous anime cameos in all Omega tier spells in the forthcoming Disgaea sequel, 「Makai Senki Disgaea 4」 .

“Omega Heal” featuring Index of 「Toaru Majutsu no Index」. Artwork by Haimura Kiyotaka.

“Omega Wind” featuring Horo of 「Spice and Wolf」. Artwork by Ayakura Juu.

“Omega Fire” featuring Meito of 「Anime Tenchou

“Omega Star” featuring Yamato, Jinteidan, Ushiwaka, and Super Zeus of 「Bikkuriman

“Omega Ice” has yet to be revealed.

In addition…

New job class has been revealed: Android.

The game will feature a map editor where you can create and share your own map designs online.

Pics of Nendroid Puchi figure Fuuka (LE bonus) are now up. More photos here.

The game is slated for release February 24th, 2011; [preorder]

[UPDATE 01.29.2011] – Princess Astrarotte of 「Lotte no Omocha」 will be making a cameo for the “Omega Ice/Cool” tier spell. Artwork by Haga Yui.


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8 thoughts on ““Makai Senki Disgaea 4” – Omega Spell Anime Cameos *UPDATE”

  1. Ok. Now they gave you a reason to try and level the magic attacks up to Omega tier :)

    I wonder how many times I´ll use Omega Wind just to catch a climpse of Horo :)

  2. >Nendoroid
    Oh dammit, it’s the same shit as Blazblue. Where are the Arcsys and Nippon Ichi Figma Max Factory, you know they’ll sell a lot.

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