KAITO Append & English Miku Samples Available

「宇宙で ..」 by (羽公)

Yesterday a 「Vocaloid and Music Software Industry」 lecture was held at the EEIC Engineering Department at The University of Tokyo. Sasaki Wataru of Crypton Future Media (co-developer of Vocaloid) was on-hand to discuss the future of their product. Audio samples of KAITO Append “Power” and “Whisper,” as well as an incomplete version (only 40% complete) of the upcoming English Miku Vocaloid software were also revealed. You may hear the sound clip after the jump.

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“Blood Lad” – Anime Announcement

「ハジメテの」 by (篝@迷走ty)

According to the July issue cover of Young Ace magazine, an anime adaptation of Kodama Yuuki’s manga series, 「Blood Lad」, will be green-lit for production. The announcement may have come prematurely as the magazine cover was quickly replaced from the original source (seen below).

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“Platinum the Trinity” and BBCSII – Home Console PV

「魔法少女せなプラチナるな」 by (( '∇'))

Earlier today, a promotional video for 「BLAZBLUE Continuum Shift」 DLC character Platinum the Trinity was released. She will be available for Japan on March 10th (Xbox 360). PS3 owners will have to wait longer however, as the Playstation Network is currently down for maintenance. In addition to the new downloadable content, a patch (v1.03) will also be made available. It is reported to contain balance changes that match the arcade version of Continuum Shift II.

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