KAITO Append & English Miku Samples Available

宇宙で ..」 by (羽公)

Yesterday a 「Vocaloid and Music Software Industry」 lecture was held at the EEIC Engineering Department at The University of Tokyo. Sasaki Wataru of Crypton Future Media (co-developer of Vocaloid) was on-hand to discuss the future of their product. Audio samples of KAITO Append “Power” and “Whisper,” as well as an incomplete version (only 40% complete) of the upcoming English Miku Vocaloid software were also revealed. You may hear the sound clip after the jump.


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9 thoughts on “KAITO Append & English Miku Samples Available”

  1. I know it was a demo, but at 40% done it doesn’t sound like anything special right now.  Very cool nonetheless, though.

  2. Omg. Kaito Append sounded pretty damn good. Cant wait for Meiko Append :D And WOW. Miku’s English version sounds already better than Sonika. And that’s only 40% done. So she’s gonna be 2 and a half times better than that on release!? Freakin’ unreal. THANK YOU CRYPTON.

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