Hatsune Miku L.A. Concert to be Streamed Live on NicoNico Douga

The Hatsune Miku 「MIKUNOPOLIS」 concert taking place this weekend in Los Angeles, California at the Nokia Theater will be streamed live on NicoNico Douga. The show will begin at 8PM (PST) on July 2nd.

This will mark the virtual idol’s official live concert debut in the U.S. So even with tickets being long sold-out, you can still have the opportunity to share in this momentous event with fans worldwide.

For those interested in watching the international broadcast, you will need to pay 1500 NicoNico points — which is really 1,500 yen or about $18 USD. You may purchase the points here — it is also recommended to get a Premium account for streaming quality purposes. For those who cannot pay, you will still be able to watch some parts of the concert for free.

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22 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku L.A. Concert to be Streamed Live on NicoNico Douga”

  1. Do we know if this will be a totally new concert or just a re-do of the 39’s concert? I already have that on BD, and will get the 2011 concert on BD as well, so I don’t want to pay ¥1500 for a mediocre quality stream if it won’t add anything new.

    “The concert is based on the event that took place in Tokyo on the 9th
    March 2010 named “Miku’s Day Thanksgiving”, but will feature a few
    improvements over the original event.”
    – that sounds like basically the same concert, with maybe some English stuff thrown in for the US crowd (which I wouldn’t be interested in).

  2. @530beec3bb8c5ec81f83878f95c3877e:disqus – They’ve been tight-lipped in terms of what exactly will be featured in the concert (there’s even a picture of DANCEROID and Danny Choo at the Mikunopolis rehearsal, and everything is censored but them.) It’s been some number of months, and there will be paying Japanese watching on Nico Douga. I highly doubt it’ll be a carbon copy of 39’s. 

  3. It’ll definitely have new material.  Also, the stream is not mediocre.  It’s full hd, which will only be as bad as your internet connection. 

  4. Nevermind – someone confirmed for me – you have to buy the points as well – the NND premium account lets you watch in HD though – which is a bonus

  5. So once I pay for the ticket will have to get a premium account to watch it in the fullest HD, do I have to pay for a premium account or will the normal stream be in HD?

  6. So what time is this in japan? PM or AM 開場:12:00 開演:12:30 and then what is it in EST time?

  7. I’m not 100% sure – but it seems that anyone without a premium account will be watching it at reduced quality. Also, if there is congestion, premium account holders have the highest priority when it comes to the stream.

  8. I don’t like the fact that they restricted peoples rights from inside. Concerts tends you to have fun and keep memories but no recording device, that’s BS

  9. I just tried to buy points, and I have an account on it and everything, but it wouldn’t recognize my credit card no matter how many times I tried to get 1500 points >.< And now I can't figure out how to watch without paying! I know I won't get to see all of it, but where do I go to watch the free version? Someone please tell me before it starts in a half an hour =,(

  10. I’m guessing that would indicate a possible DVD/BD release in the future – having people record the concert would most likely – to them – mean lost sales. And I’m definitely buying if it comes out.

    In the meantime I’ll try and track down a stream somewhere which’ll let me watch it again :3

  11. I’m curious, is the online concert really worth the money?  Any personal experience?:)

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