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12 thoughts on ““Zero no Tsukaima” – 4th Season to Air in 2012 *UPDATE”

  1. Words fail to express my happiness.

    I always thought 3 seasons is the max that a 12/24 episode anime can reach: So happy that I’m wrong~

  2. so there bringing back for one more time aka final season.

    ok all we need now bring back band together from kugi-horie-ayako-mamiko & saito

    & yep if last one that i’m calling there going a plot where they travel to saito’s world aka Japan.

    besides give all pull in so far yet travel to saito’s world is yet to do so if final series so let see that to happen. 

  3. Update: Zero no Tsukaima Kessakusen, recap of previous seasons, is airing in October. The 4th season won’t be shown until 2012.

  4. When i read  this i almost started to cry!

    OMG, this is my fav anime!!!!!

    btw, a 24 or more episode season would be very nice….. just saying…..

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