「Saimoe ‘11」 Quarterfinals III – Madoka vs. Sayaka

Winner: Madoka Kaname.

Although the result was as predictable as many believed it would be, two things immediately caught my attention. The overwhelming number of fake votes Madoka pulled in. And how unexpectedly hard Sayaka fought in this match-up — it was really close in the end. You just have to respect a competitor who keeps trying and never gives up. Still our winner today is Madoka and her supporters now turn their focus on the last quarterfinal match of the year.

Record alert: If Mami manages to prevail over the fan favorite squid, Madoka★Magica will become the first series in Saimoe history to have 3 representatives in the Semi-Finals. Personally I want to see Ika as tomorrow’s winner. Not that I have anything against Mami — she’s my second fav from the show — but an inter-series grand finals just doesn’t sound that exciting to me. But we’ll see what happens. Good luck to both.

Source: http://mig380.chez-alice.fr/up0/file/u1_004739.txt

Quarterfinals III – Results:

  • 1位 371票 Madoka Kaname @ Puella Magi Madoka★Magica
  • 2位 327票 Sayaka Miki @ Puella Magi Madoka★Magica


Next Round | Quarterfinals IV:

*my pick: Ika-musume
*my prediction: Mami



  • 10/28~10/31 – Quarter-Finals
  • 11/01 – Break
  • 11/02~11/03 – Semi-Finals
  • 11/04 – Break
  • 11/05 – Grand Finals


Saimoe “Best 8” Bracket: (courtesy of Aya Reiko)

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11 thoughts on “「Saimoe ‘11」 Quarterfinals III – Madoka vs. Sayaka”

  1. i don’t care anymore since Kuroneko is out…but

    my pick: Tomoe Mami

    good luck to Ika-musume too!(actually, i would like to see Ika-musume win this one)

  2. First time I’ve smiled reading the results in a long time. Madoka should clearly beat Kyouko in the final. 

  3. Again, although I always love the characters Kaori Mizuhashi does the voices for and I like Mami, I’m stick to who I’ve been rooting for since the beginning: Ika Musume. Plus, as much as I love PMMM, it would be boring if it was only PMMM the entire way through.

  4. Hmmm….I’m kind of torn on who to root for next.  On the one hand I would normally argue that since this is supposed to be a Moe competition then Ika should technically win.  But then again there’s that thing that’s always bothered me about her…..I mean c’mon….she doesn’t even have hair!  She just has a bunch of tentacles.  And Mami is pretty damned Moe herself, as well as being a bit of a bad-ass.  Dunno, but I think I’m leaning towards favoring a Mami victory here.

    To all the PMM haters:  Do you think it would be neat if Erica ended up winning against a Puella Magi in the finals?  Just a thought.

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