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Typesetter Saito-kun and I wanted to let everyone know that our fansubbing group Moetron-Subs is now celebrating its 3rd year anniversary. We would also like to thank everyone who’ve supported us over the years. New projects are currently underway, so please look forward to it!

The following is a personal letter written by Saito-kun to current members of the group:

Hey guys,

I only just realised that the time has come to announce Moetron-Subs’ 3rd year in bringing translations to the Vocaloid community throughout the world.

I’d like to take this chance to thank everyone for their support, whether you’re a new member or you’ve been with us from the beginning. It’s meant a lot for our small group, which has helped us to keep us running despite some difficult times that we’ve ran into.

Although a lot of us have been busy throughout these 3 years of operation, nevertheless I believe that we have released high quality-orientated releases that expresses the true meaning of the lyrics of each song that Moetron has translated. Once again, I thank you for making this translation project a reality. Without the help of our dedicated translators, timers, editors and quality checkers… I’m sure that we would have not been able to survive.

I am very proud of the outcome of Moetron-Subs, and I can proudly say that I am a member of this wonderful translation group.

I’d like to especially thank the input that pKjd and Starmaker had contributed throughout the years, as they are fundamentally the structure of support for our group. The management of projects has been first-rate from pKjd, as he is the one to discuss the possibility of releases with our translators. The management of our IRC channel and distribution network by Starmaker has made communication in IRC for us a possibility.

Now I’d like to thank each one of you. I’m sorry for this long email but here goes.

pKjd: You are the one who founded Moetron.com, and took me in as staff when I first emailed you. I have learnt so much from joining Moetron almost 4 years ago. I thank you for the chance that you have given me, even though my knowledge of the anime community was immensely immature when I first started, yet you still allowed me to experience the world of blogging. Without you, Moetron-Subs would not have been born.

j.a.b: Our first ever translator. I know you’ve been extremely busy with your teaching and stuff at the university, but I’ve known you since like… Phantom-Subs was it? Nevertheless, you saved our problem of no translator when we most needed one. Even though you can’t really help us out much nowadays, you’ve been a great asset to our group, and I appreciate your help.

Starmaker: I’m not going to lie. At first when you emailed me, I thought you were female because I instinctively associated your email ‘Jen’ with Jennifer. Boy was I disappointed when you said to pKjd “lol by the way I’m a guy.” Anyway, you’ve done so much for us especially with IRC, and you’ve still kept it up every day since when it was first registered. The timing you did for us was phenomenal, you are basically the timing captain of the group, even if you haven’t timed for us for a while XD.

Damesuke: We’ve been blessed that another legendary translator of the vocaloid community has joined us. I adore your ethical principle to get the original author’s permission before you translate, I think that that is the best, and correct way to go. You’ve been a gigantic contributor especially with your persistence in giving us projects. I would have liked to write this in Japanese, but Apple Mail has prevented me from doing so. Sorry! ^_^

Mirunai: I’ve never directly contacted you before, but your translations are excellent. You’re another one of our treasured translators after Soundares retired, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your on-going contribution to Moetron-Subs.

Silent_K: Our first translator who’s from Maine, but lives in Japan because he’s so cool. You’re the type of guy who wouldn’t say no when we needed help, and you were the one to translate our first full episode of BRS. I hope your relationship with that hot Japanese teacher goes well, love Jason.

Densanki: Moetron-Subs’ first female member. You probably have the best name in the group, Aurelie – well that’s what I think anyway. Although you’re new to the group, you still did an excellent job timing your first project, which was our latest release. I hope to be able to work with you more from here on out.

Xandu: Another new member of our group, but this time he’s from the land of beautiful Sweden where meatballs come from. I’d like to thank you for getting in touch with us and I’d like to thank you for trying to learn how to typeset. This will be a huge support for myself, since I’ll be getting extremely busy next year as I lead into University. I wish you success in both timing and typesetting.

I was wondering if this email can act as a post for our 3rd year anniversary on moetron.com pKjd, it’d be nice to have a post to celebrate Moetron-Subs’ birthday.

I hope Moetron-Subs will continue to strive to provide the best translations to the Vocaloid community, and raise the bar even further for high-quality translated releases.

Saito-Kun – Jason Chan
Typesetter of Moetron-Subs.

Our last two releases:

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6 thoughts on ““Moetron-Subs” – Anniversary Post”

  1. I’d like to add something about before this post was edited.

    At around 00:10am GMT, the first unedited original line was: “Translator Saito-Kun and I wanted…”.

    I’d now like to post my feedback of the post to pKjd.

    pKjd: post is up  @ 00:10   

    Jason: okay thanks
    Jason: First mistake – I’m a typesetter. Thanks for remembering.
    pKjd: LOL

    Jason: It’s okay, I’ve only known you for like, 4 years?

    pKjd: it was an honest mistake :P

    Not even an apology – what a heartless man pKjd is. D:

  2. Thx for another wonderful year
    definitely i enjoy more vocaloid understanding what they say xDD

  3. Already 3 years,that’s quite amazing.I’ll take this opportunity to thank you guys for your hard work as well.

  4. Congrats! That’s so awesome that you’ve been keeping up Moetron-Subs for three years now (and I was visiting Moetron since you first started the blog in like, 2005 I think). Keep up the great work!

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