“Hanasaku Iroha” – New Anime in the Works

According to the obi strip found on the first volume of Sasameyuki Jun’s manga series, 「Hanasaku Iroha: Green Girls Graffiti」, a new Hanasaku Iroha anime adaptation is currently in the works for 2012. There is no word on what format (TV, OVA, film) the project will be in.

Green Girls Graffiti is a spin-off manga with Minko Tsurugi as the main character.


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6 thoughts on ““Hanasaku Iroha” – New Anime in the Works”

  1. I was excited until I found out Minko would be the protagonist. The last thing I want is more of Omigawa’s pterodactyl voice screeching in my ears.

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