“Pretty Rhythm” – Second Season Announced

MARs可愛いよねー」 by (るく)

According to the official website, a second TV season of the Pretty Rhythm anime series has been announced. It is entitled, 「Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future」, and will premiere April 7th. The story is set 3 years after the events of the first season. A new Korean idol unit made of 5 members will appear as the rival group.

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“Idolmaster 2” – Hatsune Miku Append PS3 Trailer

ぼかます!」 by (伊賀)

Idolm@ster 2」 DLC catalog vol.4 features the second TV anime opening theme, Change!!!!, as well as new downloadable costumes and accessories. But that’s not all. Also included in the pack is Miku’s Append costume. All this will be available at the Japanese PSN store come February 1st. Be sure to check out the trailer after the cut.

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Aoki Lapis – “Think the Future” by Taishi

Mix-Deen」 by (こかげ)

The following is the third track from the I-style Project album, 「Daydream Flight」, which was sold at last year’s Comiket 81 event. The song is called Think the Future and is by music producer Taishi — with vocals from new Vocaloid 3 idol Aoki Lapis. (She’s by far my most favorite of all the V3s~)

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