“Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- f” – New Music, Modules, and PV

ミクさんに」 by (とばで)

Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- ƒ」 is the latest installment in the rhythm game series from SEGA and Crypton Future Media. This time around the new title will be available for the Playstation Vita — on sale August 30th. Alongside a drastically improved interface, “ƒ” offers added refinements for an even better gameplay experience; as well as a variety of new features guaranteed to entice player’s of all skill levels.

*Latest PV:

*Details released so far:

  • New gameplay mechanics: Star note symbols that appear will be accessed by either touching the screen or scratched like a guitar.
  • “Technical Zone” requires the player to connect consecutive successful note hits (combos) within a time limit for additional points. May occur at any random point in the song.
  • New HUD displays a song progress bar at bottom.
  • Each PV now includes 2 different paths.
  • “Chance Time” will have a star gauge at bottom left. It is filled by performing combos. Once the gauge reaches its max, the star gauge becomes rainbow colored and a large Star note symbol will appear on screen. Touch it and you will unlock an alternate path for the PV you’re currently playing.
  • The game features an Augmented Reality (AR) mode where the player can display a “life-size” Miku or other Vocaloids in the real world — as well as take photos with them. Figure size and poses are customizable.
  • There will be a PS3 version coming out in 2013.

*Song list so far:

  • 01.) 「Cat Food」 by doriko
  • 02.) 「World’s End Dancehall」 by wowaka
  • 03.) 「Secret Police」 by BuriruP
  • 04.) 「Melancholic」 by Junky
  • 05.) 「Freely Tomorrow」 by Mitchie M
  • 06.) 「Fire◎Flower」 by halyosy
  • 07.) 「Time Machine」 by 1640mP (164x40mP)
  • 08.) 「DYE」 by AVTechNO
  • 09.) 「Odds & Ends」 by ryo
  • 10.) 「Nostalogic」 by yuukiss
  • 11.) 「Weekender Girl」 by kz
  • 12.) 「Ashes to Ashes」 by tennen

*Modules confirmed so far:

Emerald and Pierreta

Dark Angel




Summer Memories

Star Voice

Star Mine

Eternal White


Blue Crystal

*Limited Edition Vita:

*”Chance Time” screens:

*AR mode screens:

*First PV:

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12 thoughts on ““Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- f” – New Music, Modules, and PV”

  1. Im sorry, as much as I’d want miku to be right there by my side, the AR feature is kind of sad. Reality just slaps you in the face as soon as you activate it look and shes there then look again and she’s not… if youre not affected by that, you must be a wizard who cast a protection spell on himself -___-

  2. OMG! I want this.
    I bought a PSV (pre-order) but didnt really like it. So I resold it.
    Hix… now I want to play this on PSV. Maybe I should buy this white PSV too?

  3. I really like the new elements like the bands, dancers and audience. Make the playing sequences more alive. And the new costumes are fantastic

    And I want that special edition Vita SOOOOOO badly…

  4. stupid question: is the AR mode in the game or the limited edition VITA as i read previously it would be an app on the limited edition vita itself but this look like its part of the game (which would be a lot easyer on my wallet…)

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