“Hatsune Miku Project DIVA f” – Famitsu Scans, More Songs Announced

渋谷系」 by (ぎた)

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has revealed some new songs and modules for the upcoming rhythm Vita game, 「Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- ƒ」, from SEGA and Crypton Future Media. Scans are available for view after the cut.

The 8 new tracks include: — Freely Tomorrow (Mitchie M), Fire@Flower (halyosy), Time Machine (40mP), DYE (AVTechNO), Nostalogic (yuukiss), Ashes to Ashes (tennen), Weekender Girl (kz), and Odds & Ends (ryo). The last two songs are unreleased material composed by kz of livetune and ryo of supercell, respectively.

The game will officially go on sale August 30th. For more details please check out one of our previous articles here.

*Song list so far:

  • 01.) 「Cat Food」 by doriko
  • 02.) 「World’s End Dancehall」 by wowaka
  • 03.) 「Secret Police」 by BuriruP
  • 04.) 「Melancholic」 by Junky
  • 05.) 「Freely Tomorrow」 by Mitchie M
  • 06.) 「Fire◎Flower」 by halyosy
  • 07.) 「Time Machine」 by 1640mP (164x40mP)
  • 08.) 「DYE」 by AVTechNO
  • 09.) 「Odds & Ends」 by ryo
  • 10.) 「Nostalogic」 by yuukiss
  • 11.) 「Weekender Girl」 by kz
  • 12.) 「Ashes to Ashes」 by tennen

*Famitsu Scans:

*Cover Art:


Source(s): [1], [2]

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7 thoughts on ““Hatsune Miku Project DIVA f” – Famitsu Scans, More Songs Announced”

  1. f**k yah geek pick up a book and put down the game. the game will not get u know where. try and get laid for a chance thank and have a great day 

  2. Personally, I don’t like Len’s new module… (don’t kill me!) It’s just the top that bothers me the most. It could’ve been a sweatshirt in orange-ish red with either a plain white t-shirt, or a t-shirt in white with the title on the shirt under. The shorts, could’ve been a bit longer. Looks a little more, tomboyish that way. Since to me, Len looks like a tomboy in the pictures for Fire◎Flower. But the headphones and everything else was perfect! And I can’t wait for the game! It would be even better if it came to the states. The other modules and the song selection is great!

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