「Saimoe ‘12」 “Groups G & H – Day 1″ ~ Second Round Results

Winners: Nodoka and Airi.

Group G2-1 Results:

  • 1位 277票 Haramura Nodoka @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A
  • 2位 166票 Nanasaki Ai @ Amagami SS+ plus
  • 3位 108票 Touyoko Momoko @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A


Group H2-1 Results:

  • 1位 238票 Kashii Airi @ Ro-Kyu-Bu!
  • 2位 221票 Taneshima Poplar @ WORKING’!!
  • 3位 66票 Tsurugi Minko @ Hanasaku Iroha

As expected, Nodocchi readily paraded over her competition, leaving poor Stealth Momo behind and retaining a spot in the main tournament. She finishes her R2 race with a total vote count of 277 — around 111 votes more than Ai.

The other section had more of a tighter race going between Working’s Poplar and RKB’s Airi. However Airi did not misfire and secured her rights to an R3 match — sniping much? She finished with an absolute number of 238 votes — 17 more so than Poplar.

This brings my record for correct R2 predictions so far to 20-6.

Three more days left till we are finished with this second round portion of the tourney. Seeing who has their match today, I’ll be supporting Aria and Kuroyukihime — although Shana will be an extremely tough opponent to overcome. Good luck to your picks.


Next Round | Groups G & H, Day 2 – Second Round Match-up(s):

*Group G2-2

  • Takanashi Hina @ 「Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! / パパのいうことを聞きなさい!
  • Kanzaki H Aria @ 「Hidan no Aria / 緋弾のアリア
  • Senjougahara Hitagi @ 「Nisemonogatari / 偽物語
  • *Group H2-2

  • Shana @ 「Shakugan no Shana III – Final / 灼眼のシャナIII -Final-
  • Kuroyukihime (Black Lotus) @ 「Accel World / アクセル・ワールド
  • Shinonome Nano @ 「Nichijou / 日常
  • *my picks: Aria, Kuroyukihime
    *my prediction: Aria, Shana



    • 10/2~10/5 – Second Round (Group G & H)
    • 10/6 – Break
    • 10/7~10/8 – Third Round (Group A & B)
    • 10/9~10/10 – Third Round (Group C & D)
    • 10/11~10/12 – Third Round (Group E & F)
    • 10/13~10/14 – Third Round (Group G & H)
    • 10/15 – Break
    • 10/16~10/23 – Group Finals (A through H)
    • 10/24 – Drawing for Quarter-Finals
    • 10/25 – Break
    • 10/26~10/29 – Quarter-Finals
    • 10/30 – Break
    • 10/31~11/1 – Semi-Finals
    • 11/2 – Break
    • 11/3 – Grand Finals


    Saimoe ’12 Bracket:

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    7 thoughts on “「Saimoe ‘12」 “Groups G & H – Day 1″ ~ Second Round Results”

    1. Fake votes had doomed Poplar in the H fight, as Airi scored a buzzer-beater in the final hour to chop down Poplar and advance to round 3.  Nodocchi had an easy victory as expected; though Ai tried to mount a run, the Kibitou campaign is over.

      Hina is the youngest candidate in this tournament, but going up against the crab spirit and a Kugimiya representative is pretty taxing for a day-care kid.  A 3-year-old winning a match is pretty impressive–Hina’s probably the youngest biologically aged character to ever win a round.  Aria may be the weak link of the knights, and Hitagi is strong enough to eliminate the dual-wielder, but Aria can get some assistance from Shana, herself fighting in a heated duel against Kuroyukihime, and a combo vote for the strongest and weakest Kugimiya roles can influence both sides.
      Papakiki’s ranking is pretty straightforward–the younger the candidate, the higher the rank.  Hina pretty much stole the show and is the clear #1.  At second is half-Russian Miu, with the delicateness to help her and her sisters out.  #3-Sora, the aspiring Haruhi (in looks at leaset), is pretty far ahead of the source of some of her angst, the SORS member and cosplayer Raika ranked below her.

    2. Can Aria beat the main character from Bakemonogatari? And can Shana beat Kuroyukihime? I sure hope so, since I’m a die-hard KugiRie fan.

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