「Saimoe ‘12」 “Groups G & H – Day 4″ ~ Second Round Results

Winners: Ako and Sena.

Group G2-4 Results:

  • 1位 399票 Atarashi Ako @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A
  • 2位 241票 Ika Musume @ Shinryaku!? Ika Musume
  • 3位 45票 Mael Strom (Tomonori / Yoshida Yuki) @ Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead


Group H2-4 Results:

  • 1位 262票 Kashiwazaki Sena @ Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
  • 2位 244票 Elsie (Elucia de Lute Ima) @ Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Yonin to Idol
  • 3位 114票 Katou Marika @ Mouretsu Pirates


Next Round | Groups A & B, Day 1 – Third Round Match-up(s):

*Saimoe will be taking a 1-day break. It will resume 10/07.

*Group A3-1

  • Miyanaga Saki @ 「Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A / 咲-Saki- 阿知賀編
  • Hasegawa Kobato @ 「Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai / 僕は友達が少ない
  • *Group B3-2

  • Akaza Akari @ 「Yuru Yuri / ゆるゆり
  • Misaki Mei @ 「Another
  • *my picks: Kobato, Akarin
    *my prediction: Saki, Akarin



    • 10/6 – Break
    • 10/7~10/8 – Third Round (Group A & B)
    • 10/9~10/10 – Third Round (Group C & D)
    • 10/11~10/12 – Third Round (Group E & F)
    • 10/13~10/14 – Third Round (Group G & H)
    • 10/15 – Break
    • 10/16~10/23 – Group Finals (A through H)
    • 10/24 – Drawing for Quarter-Finals
    • 10/25 – Break
    • 10/26~10/29 – Quarter-Finals
    • 10/30 – Break
    • 10/31~11/1 – Semi-Finals
    • 11/2 – Break
    • 11/3 – Grand Finals


    Saimoe ’12 Bracket:

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    7 thoughts on “「Saimoe ‘12」 “Groups G & H – Day 4″ ~ Second Round Results”

    1. Don’t ever underestimate team Saki, especially if it’s one of the Achiga representatives.  Ako has fried the squid and ended the cephalopod’s invasion in their virtual duel.  It seems like there are more votes when someone from Achiga-hen is involved, as the Saki faction remains bent to get one of their newer fighters to become this year’s champion.  Elsie’s mad rush over the last few hours made her match against Meat look close when fake votes were in play, but Sena continues the Neighbors’ Club’s chances as she goes into round 3.  Now only 31 duels remain before we identify our 2012 champion.
      A question for the Block B duel: did the sleepover at the end of Yuru-Yuri’s first season happen within the Yomiyama district?  Considering the aftermath of the chocolate craze and the presence of a literal time bomb, there could be a curse afoot, and Mei’s power works on identifying dead people…


      Based on their past battles so far, Akarin had to defeat harder opponents (and her series ended again more recently), and Mei had a solid showing so far even though her rival/teammate Izumi was out in round 1.  As the stronger of the two, Akarin might charge into the next round, but not without resistance from team Saki if they so desire.  In Block A, their next test has arrived: even though Saki herself has had more consistent support,  she is ironically the weakest of the ten mahjong warriors remaining in the field, and the gothic Kobato has the Hanazawa factor and momentum votes from Sena.  While Kobato has a slightly easier round, Saki does have the strength to spring an unlikely upset here.

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