“Touhou 13.5” – Hopeless Masquerade PV

レイマリ」 by (鼻毛おやじ)

Tasogare Frontier has just released the first trailer to their upcoming 2D doujin fighter, 「Touhou Shinkirou ~ Hopeless Masquerade」 (TH13.5). You may view the promotional video after the cut.

The new collaboration project from Shanghai Alice and TASOFRO will feature wildly different character graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and a different engine when compared to their previous titles, IaMP and Soku. It will also have a native resolution of 1280×720.

Decks, grazing ability, and weather system all seem to be missing. Spellcards and grazing are still intact. There also appears to be a focus on air-to-air battle with no ground combat in sight.

The only two confirmed playable characters at the moment are Reimu and Marisa.

A demo of TH13.5 will be made available at this winter’s Comiket 83 event; taking place December 29th – 31st.


In the wake of so many incidents beyond their control, the Human Village has fallen into a state of hopeless pessimism. Believing that religion can restore order, some of Gensokyo’s most prominent adherents of Buddhism, Taoism and Shinto all want to take this chance to expand their particular faith’s influence.


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