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43 thoughts on ““The World God Only Knows” – Season 3 Announced”

  1. Whoa, I heard it was just rumor for season 3, and now it has been green lit.
    Yay, season 3 harem anime. XD

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  3. first off hells yeah!!!
    that being said i only got one small thing that botheres me. the only people that ever have a hollow spot in their hearts r girls. don”t get me wrong it makes for a great show but we dudes have problems too… just sayin. not wishing for any BL just maybe he could help a bro out or have his own shit fixed.

  4. Yes, I understand that, the question is why does he only after the girl and not even a single boy, Logically even boy have trouble too, right. (let just say the objective is to distinguish someone trouble)

    Well, hey, this is anime man, and it’s focusing on harem after all, and if he after the boys too, this anime will not be a Harem, and maybe even not be romance again.
    But even it’s like that, I found the story interesting, how about we just enjoying the show.. =D

  5. I watched season 1 and 2 plus the ova’s in 4 days! I cannot wait for season 3!!!!! eeep >.< but I will be in pain having to wait until each release… TT~TT

  6. Well, according to the manga, the reason that the Weiss go inside of a girl’s heart is because they can be reborn when she gets pregnant (The baby would be the Weiss in this case)

  7. COOOL can’t wait. i want more moment like the end of season 1. thats what made the show for me

  8. The reason the pirit only posses girls is because their more sensibler than the boys and because they reborn IN the body that they posses and cannot transfer into other, if i remember corret

  9. Only harem anime I actually like. I dunno harems are usually retarded, but this one is actually good, interesting, and has a plot.

  10. Season 3 goddess saga will skip all the past conquest even with Yui arc. It will begin right after introducing Apollo and it will only have 12 episode.The new season is not for the anime fans it made for the manga readers.

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