“Ghost in the Shell Arise” – New Anime Project in the Works *UPDATE

攻殻ARISE」 by (akira)

According to scans from the February issue of Young Magazine, a new Ghost in the Shell anime project is currently in development and is slated to premiere later this year. The exact format — whether TV, OVA, or film — is yet to be revealed.

The new work, entitled 「Ghost in the Shell ARISE」, will have former GitS film director Kise Kazuchika involved with the staff. The official website is now live — as well as its Twitter and Facebook accounts. A key visual can be viewed here.

GitS:SAC anime director Kamiyama Kenji has confirmed that he is not involved with the new project.

In addition, a Ghost in the Shell Arise live event is planned for February 12th (21:00 JST) at the nicofarre event hall in Tokyo. It will be streamed live worldwide on Niconico, Bandai Channel, and Youtube to allow fan participation. More details will be released when the magazine is officially out.

[UPDATE 02.12.2013] – The new project has been confirmed to be a 4-part OVA series — with a running time of 50 minutes each. The first volume, entitled Ghost Pain, will be shown in Japanese theaters for two weeks, beginning June 22nd.

*1st PV:


*Staff Credits:

  • Director: Kise Kazuchika
  • Screenplay: Ubukata Tow
  • Music: Cornelius


  • Kusanagi Motoko: Sakamoto Maaya
  • Batou: Matsuda Kenichiro
  • Togusa: Shingaki Tarusuke
  • Ishikawa: Dan Tomoyuki
  • Saito: Nakakuni Takuro
  • Pazu: Ueda Yoji
  • Borma: Nakai Kazuya
  • Aramaki: Juku Ikkyu


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8 thoughts on ““Ghost in the Shell Arise” – New Anime Project in the Works *UPDATE”

  1. ehh i prefer Kamiyama Kenji Stand Alone Complex :(

    i wanted 3rd GiG.

    but it’s good we’re seeing a new anime, as well as a new style.

    Tow Ubukata who did Mardock Scramble and Chaos Legion Video game series!

    im excited as well!!!

  2. I’m not much for older shows typically but when it comes to timeless classics like Ghost in the Shell…I’m amazed how it’s so mainstream, but yet I still feel like its MY own show when I see it sometimes.

    This whole going-back-o-the-90s thing is the best thing they could do. I wish they’d make a real full series with Kusanagi the way she used to look before her body got destroyed. I’m seriously gonna DL 2.0 like right now lol.

    The other movie I forget what it was called, but was cool seeing Batou live life and kusanagi make an appearance. Super cool.

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