“Genshiken Nidaime” – Anime Adaptation

According to the March issue of Afternoon magazine, Kio Shimoku’s slice-of-life comedy manga series, 「Genshiken Nidaime」, (げんしけん 二代目 / The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture II) will be receiving an anime adaptation.


Genshiken follows the lives of a group of college students drawn together by their shared hobbies, and the trials and adventures associated with being otaku.

Genshiken Nidaime (“Second Generation”) is a continuation of the previous series, with chapter numbering starting at 56. In the Japanese edition, the first volume of Nidaime is numbered Volume 10, to continue from the end of the 9-volume Genshiken series. The US edition renumbers the volumes so that the “Second Season” starts with Volume 1.


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