“Log Horizon” – LN to TV Anime Announced

ログ・ホライズン」 by (ハラ)

The latest Famitsu Comic Clear is revealing news of a TV anime adaptation for Touno Mamare’s fantasy-adventure light novel series, 「Log Horizon」 (ログ・ホライズン). The new 25-episode project, from production studio Satelight, is set to air on NHK this Fall.


“Elder Tale” is a long-established and popular online game: but the day in which was introduced the 12th expansion pack, 30,000 Japanese users have been confined to the world of the game. In the world that is a fusion of reality and the game, our hero Siloe begins his fight from the city of Akiba.


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13 thoughts on ““Log Horizon” – LN to TV Anime Announced”

  1. Thanks. Question, where did you get the main picture from? Just google? Or specific source? Thanks again.

  2. Stahp, please. You’re joking right? The ‘falling into a game/ stuck in a game’ idea has been around waaaay before even SAO.

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