“Disgaea Dimension 2” – Second Trailer; Laharl Version

歴代最大級」 by (DekU)

Earlier today, Nippon Ichi Software released its second full-length promotional video for 「Disgaea Dimension 2」 — Laharl version. It features our first look at the game’s opening sequence, new characters/classes from the D2 cast, the Item Sea, and battle system. You may view it for yourself after the cut.

Disgaea Dimension 2 is scheduled to be released in Japan on March 20th; [Pre-order Regular or Limited].

*Trailer: (Larharl Version)

*Trailer: (Etna & Flonne Version)



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7 thoughts on ““Disgaea Dimension 2” – Second Trailer; Laharl Version”

  1. Wow they’re FINALLY upgrading sprites to standard definition….amazing -_-” as much as I love Disgaea and didn’t finish the first one (got stuck), I played the 2nd first and loved it then got a hold of brand new reprint.

    I don’t have a tv anymore so I can’t do much w/my PS3…err wait what’s it being released for? It’d be so amazing if an isometric SRPG could do something for PC for once ffs..anyways, lemme check the vid. Thanks for the news!

  2. Wow my comment just got deleted. I hate disqus…anyways I wrote a novel but now you’ll have to settle for a pamphlet.

    Disgaea is my favorite Isometric SRPG, but I feel 3 and 4 were kind of like out of left field not having updated models. I kind of lost interest for some reason (blazblue I think) and that was that.

    I can’t play on ps3 since I don’t have a tv anymore, but would love if someone made a good one for PC. I don’t like X-COM at ALL. But anyways thanks for the news! I never got a chance to finish disgaea 1 -_-” gonna have to check out a let’s play maybe to catch up

  3. I’m a big fan of Disgaea as well, but I’m not sure a PC version would ever come about since the only notable release from Nippon Ichi to STEAM was CLADUN x2. Though you don’t have a TV right now (I dont either) – its still possible to use your console on your pc by using a USB Tv Tuner, like the Roxio HD Pro. (provided you have a computer and a monitor)

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