“Rozen Maiden (2013)” – First Promotional Video

ローゼンメイデン」 by (Mtyy)

Earlier today, the official website for the new 「Rozen Maiden」 TV series uploaded its first promotional video. You may check it out after the cut.

Studio Deen’s new Rozen Maiden anime will premiere sometime in July on channel TBS/BS-TBS.


  • Director: Hatakeyama Mamoru
  • Series Composition: Mochizuki Tomomi
  • Character Designer: Sakai Kyuta
  • Music Composer: Mitsumune Shinkichi
  • OP Theme Performance: Ali Project
  • Animation Production: Studio Deen


  • Kirakishou – (CV: Chiba Chiemi)
  • Hinaichigo – (CV: Nogawa Sakura)
  • Shinku – (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki)
  • Suigintou – (CV: Tanaka Rie)
  • Kanaria – (CV: Shimura Yumi)
  • Suiseiseki – (CV: Kuwatani Natsuko)
  • Souseiseki – (CV: Morinaga Rika)
  • Jun Sakurada – (CV: Ohsaka Ryota)
  • Jun Sakurada (middle school) – (CV: Sanada Asami)
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6 thoughts on ““Rozen Maiden (2013)” – First Promotional Video”

  1. So it’s a remake, and not a sequel? With the open-endedness of both the manga and original anime endings, part of me wishes they would just give us a satisfying conclusion…

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