Touhou 13.5 “Hopeless Masquerade” – More Playable Characters Revealed *UPDATE

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Earlier this weekend, Tasogare Frontier updated the official website to 「Touhou Shinkirou ~ Hopeless Masquerade」 (TH13.5) to reveal more playable characters for their upcoming 2D doujin fighter. These include Byakuren Hijiri, Mononobe no Futo, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Nitori Kawashiro, Koishi Komeiji, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, and Hata no Kokoro (available in future patch).

The full version of the game will be available at Reitaisai 10; taking place May 26th.

[UPDATE 05.20.2013] – It appears a new playable character will be revealed all this week until the game is out. We will keep updating this list as the roster grows.

The following are background cameos confirmed so far. (My guess is they will not be playable.)

Chen, Cirno, Eirin, Mokou‎, Kaguya, Keine, Kanako, Kogasa, Komachi, Kyouko Kasodani, Lily White, Luna Child, Lunasa Prismriver, Lyrica Prismriver, Merlin Prismriver, Minamitsu Murasa, Minoriko Aki, Nazrin, Nue Houjuu, Okuu, Patchouli Knowledge, Ran Yakumo, Reisen, Remilia Scarlet, Rin Kaenbyou, Sakuya Izayoi, Sanae, Satori, Seiga Kaku, Shikieiki, Shizuha Aki, Shou Toramaru, Star Sapphire, Suika Ibuki‎, Sunny Milk, Suwako, Tewi Inaba‎, Wriggle, Yoshika Miyako, Youmu, Yukari Yakumo, Yuugi Hoshiguma‎, Yuyuko

[UPDATE 05.26.2013] – With the game now released, all playable characters have finally been revealed.

Video of all Last Words is also available below.

*Byakuren Hijiri: (*special thanks to cuc of Shrine Maiden forums)

The Myouren Temple is bustling with people. However, no one comes here with the purpose of listening to Buddha’s teaching. Morality has been discarded. The world has entered the age of decadence, where only people who show off through making a hustle are consider righteous. Under the principle of “using power as method [to help people find the right path]”, she also jumped into the showy battles.

Last Word: Angirasa Veda

A combo attack that first knocks off the opponent with a charge, then burns her with concentrated laser irradiation. The super fast charge can penetrate the opponent’s danmaku, instantly capturing the opponent even across a long distance. With its strong pressure and disheartening high power, this can be said to be a demonstration of her superhuman abilities.


Byakuren is the fastest at moving forward and backward. Her dash is instant (blinking). Her danmaku range and cost is not so good. Prepare to engage in close combat. Press skill button combinations to increase their charges, then release by pressing again. This exposes your intention to the opponent. The skill shown in the blog screenshot is “Talon of Garuda”, a flying kick with instant vertical movement.


*Mononobe no Futo:

To save people whose heart has become desolate, Miko has begun to take action. She says by gathering the scattered faith to herself, she will change people’s decadent way of life. For this purpose, competition with other religious leaders is unavoidable. Hence Futo will be going about, providing her support. This “support” involves giving aftercare to the losers.


Through the “ritual” of smashing plates put on the field, Futo can amplify her own hermit power. With increased hermit power, various attacks will be enhanced. The hermit power is not reset between rounds, so the longer the fight, the more advantage she can have.

Last Word: Reform by Great Fire

Putting a fire around her, turning the field into a sea of flames. Futo herself is unaffected by the fire, but the opponent’s health will deplete gradually near the fire. The closer they are, the more health they lose.


Set up plates with melee and shooting attacks. Smash them with specials. Smashing increases your stats. There are methods for you to set up plates during your escape, or smash the plates safely. The plates can’t be set if your shots can’t hit the enemy. There are pressure-inducing specials after successfully setting up multiple plates, so her play always starts with setup. The special in the screenshot is “Water-Embracing Plates”, causing the water in the plates around Futo to splash. It’s useless if you have no plates near her.


*Toyosatomimi no Miko:

Hope is disappearing from humans’ hearts. Thinking about this, Miko decided to become hope herself, and save the world. To this end, first she must be defeat those in the same trade who stand in her way, and win over people’s hearts. So, Miko has come to visit the oldest religious institution in Gensokyo.

Special Ability: The Divinely Appointed Stateswoman

Absorb the audience’s desires when gaining popularity. After absorbing a large amount of desires, all attacks will be enhanced. On the other hand, the gathered desires will be released upon losing popularity. Lose too many desires, and your attacks will be weaker than normal. You must pay even more attention to the audience than everyone else.

Last Word: Suppression by the commands of Sovereign

Pouring all her hermit power and the popularity gathered from the audience into her shaku ritual baton [NOTE: typo in the original text], turning it into a huge sword of light to strike at the battlefield. The attack is restricted to the middle of the field, bu the sword of light can’t be grazed or guarded. Any opponent within its range will be overwhelmed.


She’s the embodiment of the Taoist type, specializing in lasers and beams. Like a turret, she’s strong against opponents on the same altitude, and have trouble dealing with those aren’t. The increase and decrease of popularity is recorded by her unique parameter, at a certain level triggering her strengthened state or weakened state, at which point the color of her cape will change, so you can know her state without looking at her gauge. Has specials that automatically increase her popularity, and skills that consume her internal charge. The special in the screenshot is “Seventeen Lines of Lasers”. She cuts open space with her sword, and lasers come out of the rift. At reduced popularity, there will be less than 17 lasers.


*Nitori Kawashiro


*Koishi Komeiji


*Mamizou Futatsuiwa


*Hata no Kokoro


*All Lastwords

*Special thanks to Nao for the news tip

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